Denver 11/11 trip!

My boyfriend and I randomly got into the habit of texting each other at 11:11 since we started dating. Last year we were together on 11/11 at 11:11pm and were at my house drinking a bottle of Caymus and playing Phase 10. We decided to make a tradition of celebrating 11/11 together and planned to do something this year. Also, on 11/12 of last year, Brian moved to Asheville and our long distance relationship began. For this year, we were trying to decide what to do. 11/11 was conveniently a Saturday. We ended up deciding to take a trip to Denver. I had some airplane points and hotel nights and we were interested to check out the city. One of the perks of long distance is that one of you has to travel anyways so if the second person travels too, y’all can meet in a cool city. I also luckily found a flight for Brian out of Raleigh that connected through Nashville so it was also our first time flying together. Both ways were very early morning flights so we weren’t our normal happy selves. We made it and traveled well together which is hugely important to know in a relationship. We explored Denver and Boulder and ate a lot of food! We cheers’d and kissed at both 11:11s on 11/11. We also binge watched the whole season of Stranger Things 2. It was a pretty fantastic weekend trip with babe. Looking forward to many more.

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