My 26th Bday Party!

For my birthday last year, I had a party at my house. I didn’t want to coordinate a dinner with a group so I thought it would just be easier to have it at home. The theme was my favorite things. Like rose, glitter, pizza, friends. My best friend was in town for the weekend. My boyfriend (who was long distance at the time) had surprised me by showing up and bringing a queso fountain. My friend Amber made an awesome little photobooth area. We had a taco bar! My cat came out to hang for a bit. It was such a fun night! Here are some of the fun pictures. I basically had the same face all night because I was just super pumped on life. Also, one of my presents was a unicorn wine bottle holder. I wore a sequin romper because I felt like it. There were glow sticks! We made unicorn mimosas! Such a great night!

IMG_0137IMG_0009 (1)IMG_0010IMG_0011IMG_0012IMG_0014IMG_0015 (2)IMG_0021IMG_0026IMG_0030 (3)IMG_0079IMG_0082IMG_0087IMG_0090IMG_0094IMG_0096IMG_0098IMG_0109IMG_0133IMG_4426IMG_4427IMG_4428IMG_4433IMG_4434IMG_4444IMG_4445

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