Ten things to do in Asheville

Asheville is such a fun city! Nestled in the mountains, it is filled with so much natural beauty. There is also a growing food scene in the city particularly exciting if you are into the natural, farm-to-table vibe. My boyfriend and I were long distance for about a year when he was living in Asheville and I was living in Nashville. Here are some of the highlights of Asheville!

  1. Go brewery hopping! Hi-wire, Sierra Nevada, New Belgium, Funkatorium for the sour program
  2. Drink champagne at the Battery Park Book Exchangebattery park
  3. Grab a margarita on bartaco’s patio
  4. Chase waterfallsGQZB3642
  5. Look at the mountains from SkybarIMG_6881
  6. Go to brunch – my faves are Biscuit Head, Homegrown, Posana, Over easy, King Daddy’sIMG_3694
  7. Go to a show at the Orange PeelIMG_3689
  8. Hit up the late night bars – Sovereign Remedies for a classy experience, Ben’s Tune-up for a more low key, Tiger Mountain for dancing, Twisted Laurel, and MG RoadIMG_3054
  9. Visit the Biltmore winery IMG_0582
  10. Watch the sunset from the sunset terrace at grove park inn IMG_6901

EXTRA! Monday night – half price oysters, cocktails and an amazing burger at Bull & Beggar.


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