Burger Week 2018

Nashville Scene puts on Burger week every year where all participating restaurants have a $5 burger special. I got really nerdy with it and drew out a map along with the interesting part of each restaurant’s burger. Here is the photo evidence from my week of binging on burgers.

Map before burger week started.

Monday July 16th

I tried to go to Nashville Jam Co. to get a burger before work but it was only 9:45am. They didn’t start serving burgers until 10:30am.

Jack Brown’s – “The Jack On The Piggy Back” Delicious as always. The burger week special was the Wagyu burger topped with a hot dog, pickled jalapenos and cheddar. It was super yummy. I need to remember this place more often for days when I get off work late and want something tasty. Also, I am obsessed with the sauce they serve with their burgers.

Tuesday July 17

Burger Republic – East coast burger with steak, peppers, onions and fondue cheese. The bun was good and the rest of the burger was pretty good! Can’t go wrong with their adult milkshakes as well.

Fido- Lamb burger with whipped feta, tzatziki  sauce and arugula. This burger had a really great mix of flavors. I might have liked it a little more with goat cheese instead of the feta but overall really enjoyed this one!

Hopdoddy – Pulled pork burger with coleslaw and Carolina gold bbq sauce. Paired with a grapefruit rosé cocktail. I liked this one but expected it to be more saucy than it was. I’m a Texas girl and I love bbq. I thought the burger would be smothered in the bbq sauce but it unfortunately was not.

Rosie’s Twin Kegs – Bacon through the other side. Bacon, house made pimento cheese, and house made Evans Williams whiskey sauce. Great ambiance and bartender. I had never been to this place so was excited to try something new. It was a really chill dive bar and the burger was delicious!

Smokin’ Thighs – Chicken Burger Hawaiian style with pineapple, provolone, slaw and teriyaki sauce on toast. I really enjoyed the chicken option that Smokin’ Thighs offered for burger week. The toast bread was great as well! They also have two for one deals on a lot of beers.

Ember’s – we went to Ember’s and they were super slammed so we just got a drink. I wanted to get back to it later in the week but didn’t make it.

Wednesday July 18th

Breakfast at Box. Salmon burger and coffee. The burger had salmon, avocado, spicy miso aioli, watercress, and housemade Asian pickles. The bun was perfectly golden and a mix of soft and crisp. The coffee drink is called the Merita and it has espresso, milk, cardamom, tumeric, vanilla, matcha rose and whipped cream. Perfect breakfast match. I was super impressed by this salmon burger much more than I thought that I would be. Overall, this was my third favorite burger of burger week.

Germantown Pub – The GTP Nashville Hot Burger had GTP signature rub with homemade pickles, pick de Gallo, pepperjeck cheese, and a fried jalapeño on a brioche bun. The bartender, Kristen, was so nice! I am all for spicy burgers and I loved this one. Honestly though I did not touch that jalepeno on top.

After I got off of work around 8 I headed to Gordon’s to try their burger. Unfortunately they were sold out of the evening. My next planned stop was Craft Brewed but I called them and their kitchen had closed at 8pm.

Burger Up – this one wasn’t technically participating in burger week. After I told Brian about my miss with Gordon’s and Craft Brewed he brought me home a bison burger from Burger Up. And fries and their aioli and homemade ketchup. I was really pumped and very much enjoyed that burger.

Thursday July 19th – no burger’s today. 😦

Friday July 20th

Rotier’s for lunch!! This is one of the oldest restaurants in Nashville and they are known for their amazing burger. I knew I would regret if I missed them during Burger Week. I went around 1:45 and they were slammed! The burger is phenomenal! It is very basic in the perfect way. I am so very happy that I went there. If that is a sign of the rest of the menu, I can’t wait to go back. They are also the only restaurant participating in burger week where the $5 special comes with a side. Also, their ranch dressing is homemade and incredible. Rotier’s was my number one favorite burger of burger week.

Farm Burger – “The Peach Burger” was a grassfed beef patty wtih peach chutney, goat cheese and arugula. I was obsessed with this mix of flavors. I had only been to the Farm Burger in Asheville and had not tried the one in Nashville yet. I was stoked at how delicious the burger was and am excited to go back and try some of their other options. The Peach Burger was my second favorite burger that I had during burger week.

Hi Fi Clyde’s – this burger had guac and chipotle aioli. I forgot to take a picture before I started eating into this burger. This burger is great and basic plus guac which I love. I really enjoyed this burger.

bartaco – I went back to my true love of tacos after eating so many burgers. And of course a margarita as well.

Here’s the ending map.

Shoutout to the Nashville Scene for putting Burger Week on and getting all these restaurants to participate. Congrats to Mill Creek Brewing Co for winning the popular vote. Can’t wait for Burger Week next year!

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