October Vibrant Badass Challenge

  1. Have a cozy night in at home. – Candles and Taco Bell and Netflix and chill. ✌🏻🌮 🕯 🎥 I love our cute little apartment and having calm nights to relax. 45257907_2130320697230253_4251954276567351296_o
  2. Go to the doctor. – This one was slightly delayed but I booked my eye doctor appointment during October and went to the doctor in November. 45104904_2130643580531298_9089482697759260672_o
  3. Do something outdoorsy. – I sat outside during my nature writing class. We did power writing, peer editing and talked about nature writing essays we had read. Loving the fall weather. 🍂🍁 My nature writing class was a great opportunity to explore my creative side and help me appreciate nature in a new way. 43204924_2115712248691098_7180493288011464704_o
  4. Dance in public. – We saw Ed Sheeran and I danced so hard! Such an amazing show. The only thing that would have made it better was if Ed played Barcelona during his set. Ed is such a fun performer and energizes the whole crowd. I loved every minute of it. 43302809_2117159828546340_5309295012033331200_o
  5. Decorate a pumpkin. – Thanks to my friend Jacqui for being the hostess with the mostest! We had so much fun laughing and painting our pumpkins! 44349774_2123814664547523_5833165655028793344_o
  6. Put money into savings. – Saving up for a trip and for a puppy(all the expenses that go into having a puppy)! 44598545_2125845887677734_4304782683545796608_o
  7. Drink a seasonal drink. – This was one of many pumpkin spice lattes that I had throughout October. Thanks Starbucks! 🎃☕️ 43571582_2118662191729437_352419633053040640_o
  8. Have a picnic. – We didn’t actually sit down and eat food but we were outside hanging out throwing a football in the beautiful fall weather. The friend hangs are what count. 44993537_2129119254017064_2067561788454469632_o
  9. Workout with a friend. – We walked around the block with a cute little pup! Always feels so good to move around outside!44944701_2129526923976297_3030675111859453952_o
  10. Read a book. – I read two and hosted a book club to talk about them. Also our snack spread was pretty on point! ✌🏻📚45020379_2129793783949611_8313194430186127360_o
  11. Sit on a patio and chill. – For this one, we sat out on the Mafioza’s patio enjoying the gorgeous fall weather. 43059022_2115143918747931_1670966746019790848_o
  12. Watch an interesting TED talk. – This one is Shonda Rhimes talking about saying yes and now I’m on a playlist of lots of interesting topics. 44855379_2126938407568482_4896685101703757824_o
  13. Send someone a card. – Snail mail is fun! 43680898_2119940524934937_6760891591830798336_o
  14. Make a new friend. – I met Brittany through a friend of a friend and am so excited for her to move to Nashville next year! Cheers to many more hangs! 43238494_2116711001924556_8917138626677047296_o
  15. Go on a walk. – Stoked that the walk was on the beach! We walked in the sand and on the boardwalk in Folly Beach, SC. I miss the beach and want to move back to the coast at some point. 44127009_2121928528069470_6163617565449912320_o
  16. Enjoy your meal without a phone. –  I went to brunch at The Sutler and didn’t check my phone. But then we did take pictures afterwards.43326577_2117470711848585_629796704157171712_o43339964_2117470741848582_8799527028949778432_o43419328_2117470781848578_2804330232281038848_o
  17. Perform a random act of kindness. – I went to my favorite coffee shop and on the way out gave the owner some money to pay for a few people’s coffees! ☕️🥤🙌🏻// I did this one twice – I mailed someone their sunglasses that they left at the restaurant where I work. She was super thankful to be reunited with her sweet sunnies!45108120_2130316783897311_4346416893922377728_o44321769_2123100531285603_3876568461245153280_o
  18. Go a full day without complaining. – I really try to keep complaints to a minimum on the reg but focused on it for a full day!44872778_2128024437459879_3215878731637719040_o
  19. Declutter 5 things around the house. – For de-cluttering I took some clothes to goodwill, threw away some things I didn’t need and put things back in their place like all the random shoes lying around the living room! 45163770_2130643627197960_8171061034509926400_o
  20. Try a new recipe at home. – We made bacon cheddar cheese crisps, broccoli salad and cheez it ranch chicken tenders. And by we I mean Brian made it all while I taste tested throughout the cooking process and loved every minute of it. 43532493_2118952478367075_3374106224470523904_o43567134_2118952515033738_3419301538261106688_o43659335_2118952555033734_7336830935104487424_o43599427_2118952588367064_5341465094469451776_o
  21. Compliment a stranger. – This is my view from the host stand at the restaurant where I work. I make it a point to compliment any cool thing that I notice about a person. Sometimes it’s a vague “you guys look so nice tonight!” Sometimes it is about a specific thing like a dress or shoes. It’s so fun to make people smile by acknowledging their effort!44930152_2128654100730246_6007363932212166656_o
  22. List 10 things that are awesome about your life. – Here are mine for now! Constantly changing and adding more 44313073_2124185834510406_8033723803043364864_o
  23. Wear high heels. – I almost backed out because we had a bit of walking ahead of us but I powered through. Happy Charleston vacay!! 44048582_2120994798162843_7026914882528215040_o
  24. Buy a present. –  I did this x2! I got myself a new outfit from Outdoor Voices which I’m super stoked about! The second present was a bouquet of flowers for my boss as a thank you for being an awesome person. 42337914_2125295507732772_3954030163523534848_o44475034_2125295544399435_8569194259352125440_o44579710_2125295584399431_7427770455211114496_o
  25. Clean up around the house. – I did so much cleaning and organizing  and it felt awesome. I haven’t seen that much carpet area clear in a hot minute. Also stoked about the clear counter space in the bathroom! 44704538_2125602487702074_6717126149962465280_o44674139_2125602521035404_7313620377786122240_o44583379_2125602561035400_8993259607669342208_o
  26. Take a relaxing candlelit bath. – Did this! Drank some wine, ate some cheese and crackers and read a book!43108936_2114586588803664_9086965318642827264_o
  27. Do something luxurious. – We booked a swanky hotel for our next beach trip that will be a long Charleston weekend! Super pumped. — This was from early in the month before we stayed at that hotel. It was super worth it and awesome!43013711_2114006525528337_4792742374834962432_oimg_6953img_7236
  28. Restaurant hop for the night. – In Charleston, one night we hit 5Church, Noisy Oyster, Vendue, Uptown Social and The Ordinary. So much good food. 44038385_2121493444779645_6264932356449107968_o44111995_2121493474779642_6960547510272131072_o44102170_2121493511446305_6408702602816520192_o44197839_2121493544779635_4724168476015460352_o44033739_2121493574779632_8964910087621574656_o44029758_2121493618112961_2356068404017758208_o44098191_2121493664779623_9062828882339561472_o
  29. Take a scenic drive. – My friend and I drove outside of the city to see this view and chase a waterfall. Love how much beauty there is in the state of Tennessee.44961414_2128329964095993_7898399408000073728_o
  30. Host a game night. – Technically my friend hosted it and it turned into a pumpkin carving party but close enough. 🎃44783323_2127438494185140_1154679752548679680_o
  31. Go to a corn maze/harvest festival. – Didn’t quite make it to a corn maze but at least found a cute pumpkin patch.44979707_2128030887459234_590635136517668864_o

I did it!! It was such a fun adventure filled month!


For November I am thinking about things for which I am grateful.



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