September 2018 Adventures

September fun times included the following:

brunch at barcelonahlidyxnbtp2ipl9fccifqa

Pool hangs55761437117__c0a3b69e-f3a8-4df3-bc43-62d1ce638bd6Ordering way to much food at Aiyara with my friend Jacquikz5a8gt0tiazypxp4junowNeptune cuddlessfvx%3sks6q%ldnedxiakababe hangsxuzqvdaksewogpjhp8djaa

Amber’s engagement celebration!kvxl5qqxrbe3y6dbaoupqgrbybq8ixtkw+apwltmb1%a

brunch at Urban Grub


Vacation turned to stay-cation. Pt. one Mafioza’s.VO2PJENGQjqgdX5r71d8pg.jpgThis cute thing at the JW Marriott.OR0yq%YBTPCA8J6m5O50gA.jpgrooftop barL4V%C46fSRCUsH6Puuslkw.jpgDinner at OakV23UYrK0Qsadwgp1%pBfIg.jpg

Breakfast frittata and mimosas.SXY%jNIVRUqRv2w6DOugoQ.jpg

Mini pizza tacosf9E8ElA5RnO0Btc8QmvRSQ.jpgDress shopping with AMBER!IMG_1618.jpegFootball watching in dinosaur shirtsmeZLO6AEQT+15l4ss%AYcw.jpgHot chicken at Bolton’sAFVdcxnVRda2xIir%Mzq8Q.jpgFootball at Double Dogs+9MIL9vnRkqAJFosdvU%cA.jpgNachos at Edley’sV4Y5jBA2Qv+e%qU6BzTR+Q.jpgBrian’s first Logan’s Roadhouse experienceyIaBeuCKSNWGrgG9f4OE9A.jpgMore Neptune cuddleszy6iekv5RTWAceigLhpdBg.jpg

Went to a infrared sauna for the first time.EUsv6GmqQyKLiaxobADddg.jpgBroke the cork of a nice bottle of wine.FrOOUsNNSB2AjvQDgIE2rQ.jpgGoing away party for my friend Corinne.sbFi3c+rSmmOxSPlKEpnGA.jpgNashville beer festivalaDHEgRDSTVO0RFcvfaMRDg.jpgPork tenderloin at home2lJAGEZYT2+sCsdGTqtprA.jpgMaroon 5 concert at Bridgestone ArenaXpx66VhNRpGntx+7h3LVGw.jpgFPTL9N7ORlmwmoAn7Wtj2Q.jpgIMG_6333.JPGCleaned out my work bag and found all of this.fullsizeoutput_6e0.jpegBabe got to cuddle with Neptune too.FYzTakuzSwux5hDdqDGmQw.jpgTrue Foods Kitchen for lunchc2ogAK+bS0+NGbuxaNAhFw.jpgSpontaneous waterfall adventure.PWUyIJtVQYuCuGJejHIe8Q.jpgODxy8zOCSc+Nf5JngTS1EQ.jpgCMpEhRrLRyi3UiraEKdd%Q.jpgBrian made dinner at we drank whiskey.fullsizeoutput_679.jpegRoad trip to the Narrows of the Harpeth.IMG_7456.JPG29MEJVQtRoqn1%a%8AzfpQ.jpgEtzrsk2pQG2eD6wkaVZFHg.jpgFound a dream house for sale and walked into the open house.TO+dyfJnQmO+xckUabGS8w.jpg2SCqtR7QSt2KXiZwnOH03A.jpgyHi7jmG4QS6c153NqRa4qg.jpg

That’s all for September. The year went by so quickly! Only a couple more months.

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