The rest of 2019.

These are some of the areas where I am focusing for the rest of the year. It’s been a wild and amazing ride so far and I’m excited for the last few months.

Food: Brian and I LOVE FOOD! We like cooking and eating out and trying lots of different things. Generally, we eat very tasty things that are not very healthy for us. My goal is to significantly increase percentage of time when we eat at home vs. going out to eat. This automatically is a healthier direction. The next step is to increase the amount of vegetables that I eat, especially greens! I want to get creative beyond salads in this area. After learning more about the Plant Paradox field of thinking and reading Michael Pollan’s book Food Rules, I am trying to eat more foods that are good for my gut/overall body. Eat Food. Not too much. Mostly plants. This means limiting the amount of overtly unhealthy foods (i.e. my faves like pizza and taco bell). This year, I have gained weight and I want to get back to a more comfortable number on the scale. I know that this is not the only way to measure health but all of my clothes are tight and I very much would like to get to where that is no longer the case. Another part of this is drinking less alcohol and more water. I generally mix liquor with soda so there’s a lot of sugar in those drinks. We also eat more greasy foods when drinking to balance out the booze. I want to reduce overall consumption in a week and lessen the frequency as well. This is helpful for my weight loss goal as well.

Money: Until recently, I have always paid my credit card statements fully each month. This year, Brian and I got out of this habit and overspent. Moving did not help this situation. We are focusing on paying everything down to get back to a place of stability. Then we can save money in general but specifically for our Spring 2021 wedding! I want to get to the place where everything can be on auto-draft and I don’t even have to worry about it. We are going to go back to cash for general everyday spending with weekly limits to help get to this place. It’s not an easy task because we are in a new city and want to explore and also have the expenses of traveling for holidays coming up. One of my vibrant badass challenges is to pay down all credit cards to $0 – not sure if we will get all the way there by December 31st but we will definitely make lots of progress.

Language: I am using the DuoLingo app to learn Spanish. Currently I have a 91 day streak going and am aiming to keep that going and actually be able to converse in Spanish.

Meditation: Since I started my new job last week, I have been using my meditation app to start my day off on a chill vibe.

Exercise: I am doing the 12 week BodyBoss program and just started. Tomorrow is the beginning of Week 2. Week 12 will be my birthday week! I’m stoked to get stronger and more in shape. It will be awesome to feel and look great on my birthday. It is only 3 times per week which is definitely doable. I have ClassPass as well so those classes will be supplemental to the base workout program. There is a gym at my office and on the penthouse level of my apartment so I have no excuse not to complete this program.

Fall fun: This is our first fall in Wisconsin so I want to do lots of festive activities. There will be a separate blog about this. Gotta get excited about Fall before Winter starts to hit. Part of this is upping my flannel game which is fun because I work at Duluth Trading Co. so that definitely helps.

Social activity: We just moved to a new city so we do not know very many people yet. I am excited to meet some new friends! At work, I am trying to be intentional about getting to know my coworkers. I also started to volunteer with OmBrewers, a fun female-run yoga company that does events like Puppy Yoga. Other ways I have been finding things to do have been creeping on Eventbrite and looking for Facebook events.

Vibrant Badass: I have my list of 365 Vibrant Badass challenges and am working on finishing it up. There are some that I don’t think I will be able to do allll of them but hopefully I can get to most of them. For reference on the list – check here.

Books and blogging: reading and writing! I want to read at least 40 books this year. Audiobooks are great in addition to my regular books, especially with my new commute. I am also trying to blog more. With regards to accountability on these goals, I will write weekly updates on this blog.

That’s all I can think of for now! I’m sure I’ll keep adding more but am excited to focus on these specific areas for now.


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