Adventures this week

Sunday – I had a lazy but productive Sunday. I did all the dishes and laundry and only left the house to go to the grocery store. We also ordered pizza from Toppers. I meal prepped for the week with pork in the Instant Pot as my main protein.

Monday – The first day of fall! For lunch I had veggies and pork, which you will see more throughout the week. I did my bodyboss week 2 leg workout. For dinner I had some more of the toppers pizza.

Tuesday – Same lunch again. After work I went to Toot + Kate’s with some coworkers. It is a wine bar where you have a card and pick from a machine for which wine you want. Then I still did my workout when I got home. Week 2- arms and abs.

Wednesday – One of my coworkers brought delicious and beautiful cookies so I ate a couple of them. I also drank some coffee which I normally don’t. Pork and veggies for lunch. Brian was off so we went to Great Dane for dinner. Got a variety of food: salmon burger, regular burger, onion soup, caesar salad, and boneless wings.

Thursday – It was the 30th birthday celebration for Duluth at work. We had a potluck lunch and the angry beaver made an appearance. After work I went to a Networking After Work event. There was a nacho bar for food as well as pizza rolls and fries.

Friday – I went to lunch with a coworker that started on the same day as I did. We went to the Grumpy Troll and I got a reuben sandwich. I did my workout – week 2 fully body. Then I had avocado toast with veggies for dinner. When Brian got home, we watched Fear and My Best Friend’s Wedding.

Saturday – Pretty chill day. I slept in without setting an alarm. I woke up and sat on the couch to read. Since it’s near the end of the month I had classpass credits that were about to expire. I used some credits up on a solidcore class that was very intense. I was shaking for most of the class and it was awesome. After class, I made some food that was a mix of greens, broccoli, cauliflower, mushrooms, pork and an egg. To relax some more, I took a bath and read for a while. When Brian got off I met him for an after work beer at Great Dane.

A pretty fantastic week with good progress towards some of my goals!

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