Madison’s First Snow!

Last weekend we got our first big snow of the season. A few weeks ago it snowed a bit in the morning but was gone by the afternoon. This one started on Friday and went all the way into Saturday. We got at least 6 inches of fluffy beautiful snow. My brother was in town from Michigan so it was fun to have a winter wonderland to show off. Being from Texas, I still think snow is pretty and exciting whereas most midwesterners are unimpressed. It is even better with a puppy that is stoked to run around and play.

Friday night we took Naboo up to the penthouse of our apartment building to run around and she loved it! We also broke into a spontaneous snowball fight between Brian, Ryan and me.

Quarry Park was a magical place on Saturday after the snow stopped. We let Naboo run around in the clearing and she went crazy in the best way.

We went sledding at Elver Park and had a blast. The sleds were cheap plastic ones from Target and they were perfect.

We walked around the Capitol downtown.

Picnic point is always beautiful to walk but the snow made it even better. I keep wanting to use the word magical because it is fitting but I’m overusing it. See for yourself.

Neighborhood walks

Can’t wait for more snow this season! So thankful we got some for the holidays.

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