Bridal Brunch

Friday morning before the wedding on Saturday, my bridal party threw me a bridal brunch. With covid and all of my people being spread across the country, we weren’t able to do a bach party or a bridal shower so this was like a combination event. We invited pretty much all of the ladies on the guest list of the wedding and it was a blast.

The decor was beautiful. The event was at my mom’s beach rental house which was stunning. There was a giant kitchen and open living room looked out onto the beach. Rose gold balloons spelled out Mrs. Gibson for a photo area. There were also giant white balloons with pink accents that filled the space.

Food and drinks. The most incredible charcuterie spread. A bagel setup with all the toppings you could ever want. And chick-fil-a nuggets with all of the sauces. It was so perfect.

Games. The first game involved toilet paper. No one knew what it was and Julie went around asking everyone to take as much as they wanted. I took a lot, thinking it was an art project thing like making a dress out of tp or something. After everyone had their toilet paper squares, we learned that for every square, we had to say one fact about ourselves. I went first with my long grab of squares to break the ice. The video of my fun facts:

The second game was where everyone wrote down a memory with the bride and I had to guess who it was. This game was so fun and I loved every second of it. Some stories were very specific and obvious whereas others could have come from multiple people so I had to figure out who it was.

The last game was a list of questions where everyone had to guess bride or groom.

The whole party was filled with so much laughter and fun. I’m so thankful for all the ladies that put it together. I couldn’t have asked for a better bride squad. Just wait til you see us in the getting ready pics and at the ceremony!

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