Goat Yoga

I’m sure by now you have heard that goat yoga is a thing. I have known for a while that it exists but never looked into it. My boyfriend found out about it and bought me tickets for a Shenanigoats class for my birthday thinking it was something random and awesome that I would enjoy. I was so pumped!! My friend Kathy said she was down to go with me. The studio was outside of town in Madison and just a small little building. The class was inside because it is winter. There was a lot of time before class to play with the goats and take pictures! Then the class began and all of our mats were right next to each other so that goats could jump from person to person while we were in tabletop. It was such a silly and awesome experience! There were a few goat accidents. A goat pooped on my friend while standing on top of her in tabletop. My mat got chewed on, peed on and pooped on so I’ll probably retire that mat now. Kathy and I both got free shirts because of all the goat bodily fluids around us. It was such a random adventure full of laughter. The goats are so cute and playful. There was a little baby that was only three weeks old! I would definitely recommended goat yoga! You don’t really have to know that much about yoga to do it. I will go back in the summer when the classes are outside! Thanks to Shenanigoats for being awesome! Here are some pictures.

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