2017 memories

Every year I keep a jar of little things from throughout the year. This is what came out of my 2017 jar when I opened it at the beginning of 2018. Memories in plane tickets, champagne corks, concert tickets, game score sheets, hotel keys, restaurant cards, maps, budgets, to do lists and grocery lists.

2017 mementos

Restaurant related things. Flight tickets for me and Brian

Budgets, to do lists, packing lists and grocery lists. Maps! Denver, dinosaur world, cedar point, the Mohave desert, belle mead plantation, Las Vegas , Asheville antique district and Tennessee line of totality. wine bottle corks, champagne corks and random other things

Tickets to concerts, museums, a Christmas cave and movies.

Game scores for darts, phase 10, and scrabble.

Wedding invites!

Wristbands to various events.

Hotel Keys, parking slips and powerball tickets.

Lots of fun things happened in 2017. Excited for what’s in store for 2018!

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