August Vibrant Badassness

For the month of August I decided to make a list of 31 things that I wanted to do. It was kind of random and some items required more effort than others. I did not quite finish the complete list but I did get very close. Here is a summary of the list and my progress.

  1. Take a bath – Did this one August 2nd. Obviously one that I was excited about since it happened so quickly. This was the first bath I had in the new apartment that we have lived in since March. It was very relaxing and will not be the last bath I take here!
  2. Get a pedicure – I went to a new nail salon in my neighborhood with my friend Jacqui! We did gel manis + clasic pedicures. It was nice and relaxing and I will definitely being going back. We might even be going back for Jacqui’s wedding weekend nails!
  3. Have a hygge night – We did not plan this officially but Brian and I did have a super chill night at home with cozy candles lit.
  4. Make a list of 100 gratitudes – Did it! I also got Brian to tell me three things a day he was thankful for that we wrote down together. We didn’t do it every day but most days!
  5. Cook dinner at home – We did this a few times but the one I am most proud of is the my first attempt at lasagna by myself. It was super delicious
  6. Creative project night  This one is mixed in with #19. I looked through pictures and found a bunch of cute ones of me and Brian then I turned them into black and white. Walgreens helped me with this project with quick printing. The red frames are home depot paint chips!
  7. Host book club meeting  – I started a book club and we had our first meeting! We read The Woman in the Window by AJ Finn and it was really fun. There were 7 other girls that showed up to the meeting. We had a great discussion about the book and chatted while eating snacks and drinking wine.
  8. Eat tacos – I didn’t take pictures but definitely ate tacos a few times this month.
  9. Drink tea before bed – Did this a few times and it s a great bedtime ritual.
  10. Declutter 5 pieces of clothing  – Got this done! Ended up being more like 10 pieces that I donated to goodwill.
  11. Breakfast in bed – On  a day when Brian and I were both off I made egg stuffed portabello mushrooms. I got the idea from pinterest and I executed pretty well. The breakfast was okay but not my fave. 
  12. Waterfall adventureI did not get to this one but I am planning on tubing this week on the river which is a similar outdoor adventure.
  13. Go to a coffee shop and read – For this one I had some extra time one morning and went to The Jam which is my favorite coffee shop! The book I am reading right now is Beasts of Extraordinary Circumstance by Ruth Emmie Long. This is the book for my September book club meeting!
  14. Sign up for a class – I signed up for a class called The Art of Writing in Nature which is taught by one of my friends! I have never really been much of a writer but am excited to explore and grow that skill.
  15. Book a massage – We purchased a groupon for a couples massage! I need to schedule it officially but only have 90 days to use the groupon so it will be relatively soon. 🙂
  16. Plan a trip to Charleston – Booked a flight for a wedding that Brian and I are attending in October! We still need to figure out where we will stay and what to do but I cannot wait!
  17. Buy a new candle – I bought a candle from frencesca’s with lavender that says relax on the label. It smells great and it is a nice addition to my home.
  18. Add some coziness at home – For this one, I stole an idea form one of my friends that just bought a house. We were at the flea market and she told me about her idea to get a wooden ladder where you can hang blankets. It is a cute idea for storage instead of a bin or something similar.
  19. Find wall art to put up – Since I could not find anything I wanted to put up that Brian would also like, I decided to turn it into a creative project and this is the result. 
  20. Get a new outfit – TWLOHA had a discount on their website and there were a few shirts that I wanted to have. I only did this after step #10. These shirts haven’t come in yet but I’m stoked to wear them soon.
  21. Go to Parnassus book event – I went to see Melissa Radke talk about her book called Eat Cake. Be Brave. and it was awesome! She is full of such energy and I really enjoyed her book. She makes the same excited face as I do so we posed together. 
  22. Date night at Rolf & Daughters – Brian and I finally made it to Rolf and Daughters and we thoroughly enjoyed it! We went all out and tried a lot of things on the menu plus a few cocktails.
  23. Get some flowers – I bought myself a dozen pink roses!
  24. Make a video Did not finish this one in August. Postponing for now.
  25. Go to brunch – Brian and I went to Butchertown Hall for a delicious brunch. The pork dish they had on the menu was one of the best we have ever tasted!
  26. Watch the Perseids meteor showerThe sky was not super clear in my area and I was very tired so I did not go out in the middle of the night to watch the meteor shower.
  27. Hang out at the pool – Check! Hung out at a friend’s pool and mine. Super blessed to have a great apartment complex pool!
  28. Finish an audiobook – My Audible book for the month was A Tribe Called Bliss. The concept is really cool but I do think that I would have liked a physical version of this book rather than the audio version.
  29. Edley’s bushwhacker – Brian and I met up with our friends Jacqui and Dave and enjoyed some bushwhackers. The bartender Julie is awesome so we always have a good time at Edley’s.
  30. Get a patio tableDid not find the right one yet so our patio is still table-less.
  31. Clear out junk drawer – I got rid of random things we did not need and organized the rest of the random stuff in the drawer.

August was filled with lots of fun and adventure! Excited to see what the rest of 2018 has in store!

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