December Vibrant Badass Challenge

Here is my December Vibrant Badass Challenge. It is the celebration edition since it is my birthday month!! This is the list of 31 things I am going to do.

1. Drink champagne

2. Fancy dinner

3. Take a picture every day

4. Do something crafty

5. Watch a Christmas movie

6. Send out Christmas cards

7. Go to a party

8. Mistletoe kiss

9. Random adventure

10. Girls night

11. Give someone a present

12. Host dinner at home

13. Make a signature cocktail

15. Do a fun photo shoot

16. Treat yourself

17. Write 5 blog posts

18. Wear my gold dress

19. Eat cake

20. Buy myself a present

21. Put up Christmas decor

22. Light some candles

23. Sing karaoke

24. Do yoga

25. Drink eggnog

26. Go to brunch

27. Make a video

28. Buy flowers

29. Bake something

30. Get a nice bottle of whiskey

31. Make a 2019 budget

Bonus! Here are some pictures from my last year’s birthday Challenge!

Drink champagne! Get a mani/pedi! Eat cheesecake.

Cheers to some fun adventures in December!

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