March 2018 Adventures

Looking back on the year and posting a blog to remember the adventures of every month. Here is March!

One of my friends got a super cute German Shepard puppy.

Brian and I got pedicures.Random selfie with babe.Brunch at Henley.

A fun rose cocktail – Chanel No. 5 at Virago.

Brian and I moved into our first apartment together!

Bridal shower for my sweet friend Jenna.

MGMT at the Ryman.

Neptune cuddles in our new apartment.

Dusting the statue at work.

Brian met Bill Murray on the rooftop of the Holston House!

And then I made him take pictures even though I’m not as cool as Bill.St. Patrick’s Day brunch at Craft Brewed ft. Jameson whiskey.And then more shenanigans.

Neptune turned 3!!! I tried to get her to take pictures with me but she was’t really into it.

I went to dinner at Le Sel.

My friends Will and Nichole came into town and I played tour guide! This is the 21C hotel. 

Then we hit the hidden bar at Noelle hotel.Brunch at Little Octopus.

Then dancing to 80s cover bands at Dawg House. Shoutout to the Spazmatics for always being a good time.

Dinner at Cafe Roze.

I dyed my hair.

And it looked great.

We sent a cute little chick to Brian’s mom for Easter.Moved my kayak into the apartment via the elevator.Turned the messy apartment into an organized clean apartment.

It was so fun to move into a new space and build a home! All my books are organized by color. Many memories to be made in this apartment.

Cheers to the rest of 2018!

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