April 2018 Adventures

Month 4 of 2018 included a trip to Puerto Rico!!!

But also delicious brunch at Holler & Dash.

Cocktails at Walden and a selfie in the bar mirror.

Lunch at Rudie’s Sausage and Seafood.

My first Dino’s burger.Got my massive mirror hung up on the wall.And organized the new bookshelf that Brian put together!

I got a selfie stick and tested it at home.

Then went to Puerto Rico and had a fabulous time. So many gorgeous beaches and fun hangs.

It was hard to come back to reality but I did get to come home to this hunk who cooked me dinner. 

We went to brunch at Athens Family Diner.

I went to bartaco again. Shocker.

Rooftop hangs at Nashville Underground. I puppy sat a cute little guy named Hugo.And ordered a ton of Chinese food for myself on a Friday night.

Hit the Noelle hotel’s rooftop bar, rarebird, for my friend Nat’s bday!

Then Black Rabbit with friends from my hometown.

Watched the Stanley cup playoffs on our big new TV.

Kayla and Stephen got married!!!!Hit up Whiskey Jam in midtown.

Annnndddd more bartaco.Then saw All Time Low at The Cowan.And volunteered at the Nashville Cocktail festival.

I enjoyed the lovely weather whenever possible by sitting outside to work and eat lunch.

Overall a pretty great month!


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