Life Right Now

Lately, I have been trying to expand my horizons in random ways. This year has already been pretty incredible. In January, I got engaged! I’ll write a separate blog about our super cute engagement story at some point. We are taking our time so the wedding planning hasn’t started quite yet. In February, I started a new job at the Tractor Supply Store Support Center. That has been a very new situation in a corporate environment. I have never worked at a company as large as Tractor so it is definitely a learning curve. It is challenging and exciting at the same time.

With my new office job schedule, I feel like I have more time on my hands. I am playing around with new hobbies and doing adventurous things. One new fun thing is stepping up my business casual game. Brian and I went shopping last week and found some nice outfits at Banana Republic. Some was on clearance and all the full priced items were 40% off. It still wasn’t cheap but I got a very solid base of basics.

I learned how to poach an egg. I am obsessed with Eggs benedict and usually get it whenever I see it on a brunch menu. Thanks to Jamie Oliver for this great youtube tutorial. Check out this home version of Eggs benedict. I did one with the first way in the video – fresh egg straight into simmering water. The other egg was poached in a little elastic wrap bag. Both were nice and runny and delicious.

There are also some new wellness things I have tried. I floated in a float tank for the first time. It was super relaxing to be disconnected from technology and just be calm for 45 straight minutes. Related to that, Brian and I went to the Sweat House and laid in an infrared sauna bed for 30 minutes. It was super hot and sweaty. We sweat out all the toxins. Since January, I have tried pilates, hot yoga, cycling and yoga flow. It is fun to get my body moving and active. I work on the fourth floor at TSC and I take the stairs every day.

Brian and I are in the middle of a 30 Isogenix cleanse. Most days consist of supplements, protein shakes, one mean and two snacks. Four out of the 30 days are the deep cleanse days where we don’t eat food. Today is the second deep cleanse day. Brian is down 19 lbs! I am not weighing myself every day but last I checked I was a couple pounds down as well. We started it my second week at Tractor Supply so the cleanse corresponds with the schedule transition to a 7-4 job out of the restaurant schedule. My sleep schedule has been hard to deal with but I think the cleanse has made me feel better. I am not addicted to coffee to get me through the day. We are eating much cleaner than the normal 7+ restaurant meals a week that we usually do. Don’t get me wrong, I love restaurants. Our budget and our bellies need a little moderation.

The Happiness Project Experience! I have joined the yearlong program created by Gretchen Rubin and March’s theme is Outer Order, Inner Calm. I made a list of places to clean around the house and resolutions for the month. I deep cleaned the bathroom floor and it was oddly satisfying. With the clutter around the house, I have been trying to be intentional about putting shoes, jackets, books, etc. out of the way and off the counters. For the patio, I got some cushions and a table to decorate it after cleaning it all off.

I’ll also been tackling quite a few of my Vibrant Badass challenges for this year. Follow along on Instagram for more of that. Recently I have gotten an oil change, walked a dog, drank Sotol, unclogged the drain and visited a distillery. Excited to keep checking more and more things off the list. Will keep posting about this throughout the whole year.

It’s been such a fun year so far. I am very stoked for Spring to arrive and the warm weather to come out of hiding. My favorite thing it so spend time outside and I can’t wait for more sunshiny adventures. What are some more things I should to expand my life? Mentally, socially, emotionally, financially, etc. Cheers to adventures!

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