A casual Wednesday turned into a night that I will always remember. It started off with a job interview in Brentwood at 8:15 in the morning when I am used to not having to be anywhere until 10am. My interview lasted for a few hours then I went straight to work. I tried to call Brian to talk about it but he couldn’t talk. It was a slow day at the restaurant where I worked so I ended up needing to close the shift. Brian got out extra early and went to meet our friends Jacqui and Dave at Edley’s which is our normal Wednesday night hang. I was stressed at work and sent him a text asking if he wanted to go to Mafioza’s after work to grab a martini. Mafioza’s is our late night hang and Brian’s after work place to go. We have gotten the Tony as our pizza more times than I can count. Just for reference, it is not out of the ordinary for us to randomly go to Mafioza’s. Little did I know that this night would be different.

This happened to be the same day that Brian received my ring in the mail. He was meeting with our friends at Edley’s to start planning ways to propose to me. One of our friends was going to keep it at her house so I wouldn’t accidentally find it. As they were plotting, Brian got my text about Maff’s and a lightbulb went off. He didn’t want to wait and starting planning for later that night. Jacqui checked my instagram and said that my nails were done recently so they would look good. Brian knew I was dressed nicely because I had an interview that morning. He starts texting a bunch of friends telling them to get to Mafioza’s ASAP because of what he was about to do.

I was extra late getting off of work because people were lingering at the restaurant. Before I left I told Brian we could just go home if Jacqui and Dave were tired. He insisted they were fine and wanted to hang. I am antsy to get out of work and he is antsy for me to arrive at Maf’s. When I finally get out I let him know that I am on the way. I walk in and everything is normal. Brian told me he already got my drink and asked if I wanted the Tony. Of course I replied that I would because I never turn down pizza. I start talking to Jacqui and Dave about my interview, totally oblivious to everything else going on around me. Jacqui had started recording on her phone but I didn’t even notice. I just keep chatting and chatting. Then my friends Amber and Carly walk into the bar area from outside, super unexpectedly. I got really excited asking what they were doing there. They casually say they came for pizza and asked if I wanted any. I said I had some on the way but yeah!

They opened up the boxes and all I think is “huh, the pepperoni doesn’t usually look like that.” All of the sudden Brian is down on one knee with a ring in his hand!!! I look at him in disbelief and say “NO you are not doing that right now!!” He says “Brigid Katla, I love you, will you marry me?” I say YES and go into kiss him! We tumble to the ground. I stand back up and he goes back to one knee to properly put the the ring on my finger.

We kiss a lot and I keep saying “OH MY GOSH” a million times. Our friends come out with a round of Veuve Cliquot champagne to toast. There are more people around who came up for the proposal. We all cheers and celebrate! Then I realize what the pizza said after recovering from the shock of getting engaged!

It was a magical night and I loved every second of it. I had never thought about what kind of ring I wanted but Brian knows me better than I know myself. It is rose gold and simple and gorgeous. I’m definitely that girl that is obsessed with her ring now.

During our engagement night we were surrounded by friends that we love and food that we love in a place that feels like home. It was pretty perfect. Here are some of the pictures.

The moment when I see the weird pepperoni pattern.

The moment when I realize what is happening.

And get really excited.

As Brian is asking me to marry him!Me saying yes!

The tumble to the ground (which we would later find out tore Brian’s ligament in his foot, whoops!). And celebrating!

Posing for pictures of the ring. Brian’s custom pizzas

I basically don’t close my mouth the rest of the night from excitementVeuve!

Our pizza maker

Behind the scenes of the pizza processimg_7819


Our friends who celebrated with us!

The picture collage we sent out to friends and family.

And here is the video of the whole thing!

Cheers to forever!

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