Social Activities

This year I am participating in Gretchen Rubin’s Happiness Project Experience. Each month has a theme and she posts resources to help you set goals and achieve them. April was all about friendships so I tried to be intentional about making plans with people I love to be around. Most of the plans involved going out somehow. My budget struggled a bit but my heart is very happy.

Here are some of the things I did with friends to foster deeper relationships.

Hung out on Broadway

Hosted taco and game night at home

Went to a hockey gameGot pedictures

Went to House of Cards where our magician friend worksHelped someone move

Brunch with mimosasWent to a baseball gameAttended Yappy Hour with the Nashville Humane AssociationWent to lunch with coworkers

Watched hockey at our neighborhood barCoffee shop hangs

Networking dinner with a new friend

Talked to strangers at a bar who just moved to town

Rooftop hangsTourist-y thingsHelped a friend with video work at a Crawfish BoilTook a gun safety classHosted book club

Hung out by the pool

Tried a new restaurant on Dine Out for Life night

Got a hair cut

Hosted rib night at home

Went to a pilates class

Brunch with friends

Dinner with friends

Burger week lunches with coworkers

Attended my old roommate’s show at The Local

Braved the craziness of the NFL Draft

Volunteered for the Nashville Cocktail Festival

Walked around The Nations to explore Going away party for some friends moving to Chicago

Taco hangs with friends who are moving to Nashville

Half price bottle of wine Monday with a new friend (who was the stranger at the bar from earlier in the month)

It was a great month filled with fun quality time! I have some really great people in my life and I am immensely grateful! Thanks to everyone who hangs out with me and listens to my poorly told stories. 🙂 

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