Last month in Nashville part 2

This is my third to last week in Nashville:

Monday started off with breakfast at Fenwick’s marking the beginning of Burger week. This was a caprese burger and it was really good!

After breakfast, we had a pool day with friends and margaritas. I didn’t take many pictures because I was soaking up the quick trip that Brian had in Nashville. Even though I know we will have lots of time once we move, I am love every second that we do get to spend together in Nashville. Tuesday I had a doctor’s appointment in midtown so I stopped by Cafe Coco afterwards to eat their burger. This burger had a fun jalepeno pimento cheese spread. Cafe Coco also had a Game of Thrones peppermint coffee drink that I loved. Tuesday night – Amber and David planned a secret craft night and fed me Mas Tacos. We ate our delicious tacos then played with craft supplies. We wanted to go somewhere that none of us had been so we could make a new Nashville memory. After going to a random burger shack that was closed by the time we go there we ended up at Nashville Palace, which is out by Opryland. The signs outside showed that we were walking into Jammin’ in Jammies (Nashville’s Biggest Pajama Party). It was verrrrryyy random. Wednesday lunch – Franklin Burger Co. They had run out of the brisket for their Burger Week entry but I got the same topping with a regular beef patty. I also added on a salad to try to balance all the red meat. Tuesday night – Burger Week restaurant hopping. One of my book club friends, Laura, was just as into Burger Week as I was so we planned a night to go out and share burgers at a few different places. We hit Fido, Double Dogs and Fleming’s. It was fun to go to Fido because she had never been and it was one of my main college hangout spots. Their burger was great and their fries are delicious as well. We found some fun street art in Hillsboro Village and took cute pics. Double Dogs had a tasty classic burger with a sauce rivaling the level of the Big Mac. I voted for the Double Dogs burger as my favorite in Burger Week! At Fleming’s we got wine to go with our burgers like the classy people we wanted to be at this fancy restaurant. That burger was interesting with a fried potato type topping and some sort of jam. We left the night stuffed with burgers and very happy. Thursday lunch – Burgerfi for yet another burger with my friend Kathy who got a vegan burger option here. Thursday night – Bookstore scavenger hunt at McKay with book club babes! Separate blog coming on this soon. It was fun!After the scavenger hunt, a bunch of us went to Farm Burger. This was my last burger of the week and it did not disappoint. I was also stoked because Brightwood Cider was on tap. This is my friend’s cider company that is based in Nashville! It almost has a sparkling wine vibe and it is delicious.

Friday lunch – I planned a department lunch at Brick’s Cafe. Twelve poeple ended up coming which was a great turnout.

Friday night – Shenanigoats Painting Class!!! Jacqui and I did this together. I have done goat yoga before and she has gotten goats to landscape her yard so we were both stoked for this random activity. We had a blast hanging out with goats while painting a picture of a starry night goat and drinking champagne. 80ee5093-a76d-4033-a258-f1281ed51bc9After goat painting we tried a new place in Wedgewood Houston called Never Never. It’s a little intimidating because there are no cocktails on the menu – it just lists liquor options. We both told the bartender our liquor preferences and he asked a few questions to decide what to make like “fruit forward or no” and “up or on the rocks”. We both ended up with drinks that we enjoyed! When we walked in I saw a chalkboard sign with a special on it and thought is said “kombucha of the day” and didn’t know what kind of place I was walking into. After sitting down, I realized it said “kolache of the day” and got way more excited. Jacqui did not know what this was so I introduced her to the deliciousness.

The weekend was spent in Texas with fam so not relevant to the last month in Nashville theme of this blog post. It was a fantastic weekend though.

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