Last month in Nashville – part 4

This is my actual last week in Nashville. I cycled through all of the emotions.

My mom was still in town so we started our week off with breakfast at Cracker Barrel. She accidentally ordered a breakfast parfait thinking it was just a fruit side when she is lactose-intolerant. Whoops! She always loves Cracker Barrel as comfort food though.

Next we went to Cafe Makai, formerly known as The Jam. In college I went to The Jam a few times a week and always loved hanging out there. They still have some of the Jam favorites on the menu plus so much more. Really cool vibe of the new setup!

My mom and I walked around Belmont one last time and recreated photos from Freshman year to show the difference of 9 years.

We also took Neptune to the vet.

Super random. We walked around Opry Mills Mall and ended up getting food at the Aquarium before my mom had to go to the airport to catch her flight.

We also walked around the Opryland Hotel.

Tuesday morning I started my day with Chick-fil-A. I didn’t think that there were any in the Madison area so I was trying to get my fix. Since then I have found a Chick-fil-A near my new home so I’m very stoked about that!

The movers came to pick up all of our stuff!

As a celebration of getting all the stuff moved, I got the giant dolce vita pizza. And it was delicious!

Wednesday I went to see a puppy that my friend was fostering!

For dinner I went to Party Fowl with my friend Rachel and Betsy before a show at Mercy Lounge. The hot chicken nachos are incredible.

My last show in Nashville was an acoustic show with Stephen Christian and Christian McAlhaney, formerly of Anberlin and Acceptance. This was really cool because my first show in Nashville was an acoustic Anberlin show at Grimey’s followed by the full band later that night at Rocketown. Very full circle and one of my favorite bands ever.

Thursday I had lunch at the Cafe at Thistle Farms. I had never been there and it is a great space with classic delish cafe food.

Thursday night was our going away party at The Nations. So many blurry pictures and fun hangs. Lots of laughter and some tears as well. A perfect way to wind down our time in Nashville!

Friday morning I got breakfast at Box in the 12 South/Melrose area. I love their breakfast biscuit but was really craving avocado toast and theirs did not disappoint!

Friday night I played with some more puppies!

And went to Slim and Husky’s for dinner. Obsessed with their dipping sauces!

Saturday night we had a low key girls night with lots of wine and cheese and ridiculousness.

And a nacho bar!

My last brunch in Nashville was at 5th & Taylor which was delicious as always.

Then Sunday night I went to Edley’s for a bushwhacker and nachos to go.

Monday night we had our last dinner at barcelona! Will definitely miss this as our go to date night spot.

So much to say about Nashville, but I’ll keep it short and sweet. Thank you for the past 9 years!

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