Vibrant Badass Update

For 2019, I have a list of 365 things to day. Today is Friday, October 11 which is day 284. That means there are 81 days left this year. This weekend is the first cold weekend of the year and winter is coming. I didn’t make many plans this weekend to take time to chill and hibernate. This gives me a chance to catch up on the progress of my Vibrant Badass challenge. To keep track of my progress, I have a google doc and the list hung up on the wall in my apartment. Throughout the year, I have gone through phases of posting every day then kind of putting it on the back burner. As of today, I have completed and posted about 197 goals. That means there are 168 items left. Today I am going to scrub the list to remove some that I don’t think I can realistically complete this year. Some will probably turn into 2020 goals while some will just go away. Here are some of the removals for now:

24. Travel outside of the country – I have 6 days of vacation left for the year. The plan is for 2 to be for the SC trip in November to see Brian’s parents then I’m going home to Texas for a long weekend around my birthday in December. The rest of my vacay days will hopefully be spent on a NYE trip to Nashville. Next year, we are planning to go to Europe and/or an exotic tropical island.

120. Visit part of the Bourbon trail – Now that we live in Wisconsin instead of Nashville, we are so much further from Kentucky. I wish we had time to stop when we moved up to Madison but we had our cat Neptune with us.

122. Pay down credit card balances to $0 – Moving is expensive and we may have gone a little crazy living up our last few months in Nashville. Madison is helping to slow down our lifestyle and winter will def help some more. We are paying down all the bills but it will be next year that we get all the balances down to $0.

146. Breakout at the Escape game. I have done this twice in Nashville and it was fun. Not going to stress about finding one in Madison to go to before the year ends.

165. Take a skillpop class – This cool service is not available in Madison yet and I didn’t take a class while I lived in Nashville.

199. Ride a roller coaster – I don’t think we will have time to make it to a theme park in the next few months.

220. Go to an all inclusive resort – Hopefully next year!

228. Go ziplining – I pictured doing this while on our all inclusive resort trip as an excursion in the rainforest. Def want to do this at some point but am letting it go for 2019.

281. Use the chocolate fountain. I got rid of it in the move before getting a chance to use it.

285. Invest in some stocks. This was on the list twice so taking out the duplicate.

In my head, I was going to remove a lot more than that but most of the others seem pretty doable. I will just need to do about 2 goals a day for the rest of the year. Weekends like this give me a chance to catch up a bit and plan some posts for the future.

I’m also starting to brainstorm about what Vibrant Badass looks like for 2020. It could go in so many different directions. There are a few other pursuits that have been rolling around in my head as well.


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