Adventures This Month

Sunday – It was the last part of September and I still had Classpass credits to use so I went to a solidcore class. After class, I met my friend Kate at bartaco for lunch. It was one of the last days of the oyster taco so I was stoked to get another one in. For dinner I made meatloaf with pork, beef and lamb. I was only planning on the meatloaf but Brian came home and told me that meatloaf always has to be served with mashed potatoes and mac and cheese. We quickly walked to the grocery store for the last minute addition. Noted for the next time I make meatloaf.

Monday – For lunch I had some toast with veggies, avocado and toast. I did my bodyboss week 3 leg workout. That evening, I watched the Steelers Monday Night Football game and leftovers for dinner.

Tuesday – For lunch, I had a work catered lunch that was chicken salad from a local Mt. Horeb restaurant called Sunn. We had some agents in town so we went out for team dinners and my team went to bartaco. It was fun to be at a place where I could help explain how it works to coworkers who hadn’t been there before. It was October 1st so I made a fun fall list of things to do. I hit 101 days on my duolingo streak too. Late that night, a huge storm came through Madison. There was so much thunder and lightning!

Wednesday – I had my weird veggie toast with pork again for lunch! We had a chill random night and ended up at Outback Steakhouse. Brian had never been before which I found shocking. The service wasn’t very good but it was classic Outback food. I’m a fan of the bread and the bloomin’ onion. We had mail that included a reusable grocery bag that Neptune played with for a while.

Thursday – My drive home was very beautiful with the clouds and the sun setting. For lunch I attempted to do a pumpkin spice protein shake with coffee mixed in but it wasn’t very good. Also ate some chips with mushed up avocados, two cookies and pistachios. The workout of the day was the bodyboss week 3 arms and abs workout. My little brother’s piece was live streaming from Yale so I watched that on my laptop. Later I went to dinner at Morris Ramen with Brian and our other friend Brian then bar hopped around State Street downtown. One fun stop was Paul’s Club that has a tree in the middle of it.

Friday – National Taco Day. I had leftovers for lunch, taco bell for a snack and a sandwich for dinner. Did my full body workout then cleaned up the apartment.

Saturday – Brian and I had the whole weekend off together which rarely ever happens. We had a very chill Saturday and lounged around. Brian made a mash breakfast with random things in the fridge. For dinner, we went to Cento. We ordered way too much food and drank cocktails and red wine and acted like normal couples who go out on Saturday nights.

Sunday – We slept in. Brian made delicious breakfast sandwiches. Our apartment had a Green Bay Packers watch party with pizza. We hung out with new friends that own chinchillas!

Monday – worked out at the gym at my office because I had plans in the evening. Week 4 – legs and booty. Leftover pizza and breakfast hash for lunch. In the evening, I went to pizza and nails with my friend Kate! It was her first ever pedicure. It was a great deal on Eventbrite with Luigi’s pizza and Fancy nails.

Tuesday – More leftover pizza and breakfast foods. Yoga at Octopi brewing with OmBrewers!

Wednesday – You can see the pizza trend continuing. Added some avocado to switch it up a bit. Brian was off. We walked to the grocery store and got all the stuff to make steak enchiladas. Brian had never made them before and they were delicious!

Thursday – The sunrise was gorgeous. Worked out again at the office! For lunch I had leftover enchiladas. Wine night with coworkers in the evening. So much laughter and good wine and delicious food.

Friday – Leftover pizza and enchiladas for lunch. My new winter boots came in! Chilled with a face mask. Brian made short ribs and roasted potatoes that were awesome.

Saturday – Gym, farmer’s market, chill. I attempted salmon tartare and roasted salmon. Brian came home and we did pumpkin spice versions of car bombs.

Great first half of the month. Next week – eating lots of vegetables to make up for all the pizza.


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