Eggs Benedict

One of my Vibrant Badass challenges for 2019 was to eat eggs benedict at 12 different places. We all know that brunch is my fave and this is my brunch dish of choice. Here are all the places where I had this delicious meal and with quite a bit of variety! If the city isn’t noted, it was in Nashville. The year was very front heavy because the first 11 were January through August. Took me a while to get that last one! And then a bonus one for funsies. Don’t worry, I’m not over it. Will def still be eating eggs benny in 2020.

1. Saint Añejo – barbacoa

2. Tavern – short ribs

3. Urban Grub – crab

4. 5th & Taylor – pork belly (x2)

5. Box – salmon

6. Serafina (NYC) – classic ham

7. Earnest’s – poutine

8. Franklin & Co. Tavern (LA) – surf & turf

9. Union Common – crab

10. etc. – crab cake

11. Snooze (Charlotte) – prosciutto

12. Home with babe – smoked salmon

13. Merchant (Madison) – Cajun

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