The Happiness Project Experience

I have followed Gretchen Rubin since her first book The Happiness Project! She is a huge inspiration to my Vibrant Badass concept. At the end of last year she announced a program called the Happiness Project Experience that would be entail monthly themes for a whole year! I was pumped and immediately signed up. This year ended up being kind of crazy so I didn’t dive in quite as deeply into the program as I otherwise would have. It was such a fun process and Gretchen offered lots of videos in the program of herself as well as interviews with people who were relevant to the monthly theme. I am planning to do a similar concept next year with themes of my own. Outer Order Inner Calm is on my reading list for 2020.

Some of my goals did not get reached as my focus shifted and life got in the way. I am working on balance and self compassion as part of my overall happiness so missing some of my initial goals is totally fine with me. There were some themes that I connected with more than others and those months tended to be a bit more productive. The May theme of work came at a weird time because it was when I found out that we would be moving and I would need to leave my job and find a new one in a totally new city. The Play theme was my favorite and probably least challenging as it occurred in the timing within my last two months of living in Nashville.

Onward to new fun and exciting things to come in 2020. I’m thankful for the Happiness Project Experience for helping 2019 be extra awesome. Cheers!

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