30 Days of Naboo

Here are pictures of little Naboo every day in June. She is spunky and adorable and growing so fast!

June 1st – she loves to sleep on her back.

June 2nd – whenever the yoga mat comes out she jumps right on it.

June 3rd – exploring our neighborhood.

June 4th – My post workout selfie. She looks sad but she really isn’t.

June 5th – playing with a stick.

June 6th – more workout selfies.

June 7th – we went on an adventure to play frisbee golf and she was a champ walking the whole course.

June 8th – Naboo and her best friend Abbe, a three year old golden retriever.

June 9th – being a little crazy thing.

June 10th – nap time on the patio.

June 11th – chillin.

June 12th – hanging with her bestie again.

June 13th – we celebrated National Rosé Day!

June 14th – Mounted on top of the couch cushion.

June 15th – A fun day at the beach. Naboo didn’t love the water but she was a fan of the sand.

June 16th – Restaurant patio hangs with dad.

June 17th – sleepy baby.

June 18th – Photoshoot for grandma’s birthday.

June 19th – Sleeping at the puppy sitter’s house after wearing herself down playing with her parents.

June 20th – More sleepy hangs.

June 21st – Finally home after a long weekend playing with her Frenchie mom, shih tzu dad and some of her siblings. So tired from all the playing.

June 22nd – Nap time with Neptune.

June 23rd – We got caught in a thunderstorm.

June 24th – Being crazy tearing up a cat toy.

June 25th – Look at that sweet face.

June 26th – Naughty girl after eating the yoga mat.

June 27th – Sleepy afternoon with the whole fam.

June 28th – Hanging on the patio with mom.

June 29th – New taco harness and leash.

June 30th – Playtime with Neptune preventing mom from working out.

She is growing so fast so the pictures are trying to capture some of the fun moments. She was 3 months when June started and now is 4 months old. More pictures coming soon!

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