Last week we brought home our little French Bulldog Shih Tzu puppy named Naboo! We brought her home on May the 4th so we wanted a Star Wars related name. Our cat’s name is Neptune so they both have planet names! She is spunky and adorable! Here is the first round of pictures. Lots more to come.

She got a taco toy for Cinco De Mayo.
Look at the sleepy baby.
Naboo got a champagne toy and we drank champagne to celebrate her.
My new workout buddy.
That face!
She loves to nap.
She loves to sleep with her little tongue out.
Neptune watching Naboo sleep.
Playing through the patio door.
Family pic.
Cuddle puddle.
Another cuddle puddle.

Now she is 9 weeks old! You can see pics on the Instagram account here –

All puppy training tips and tricks are highly appreciated. I have Super Puppy and have been reading through that! We love our little nugget so much already!

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