Brigid cooking – July edition

I have been spoiled over the last few months by Brian cooking for me. We both know he is the better chef in our relationship so I have been soaking up all the evenings together while his restaurant is shut down. On July 1st he left for two weeks to work at the West Hartford location of bartaco. I started keeping track of my cooking to show him that I actually can. This is moving me towards my 2020 Vibrant Badass goal of getting better at cooking.

Night one – mega quesadilla with leftover shrimp, steak and carnitas.

Night two – app spread. Metcalfe’s sushi rolls, pizza rolls, cheese, cracker and rosé.

Day three – steak breakfast burrito for lunch. Leftover sushi and pizza rolls for dinner.

Day four – farmers markets meal. I got some great zucchini’s and broccoli so looked up some fun recipes. Not pictured was the enchilada I ate for lunch with new hot sauce. Here is a blog post about some of the new veggie recipes I tried.

Day five – Veggie sandwich and broccoli fritters.

Ernie’s kick sauce is fire. It is a local Wisconsin company and I’m putting it on everything.

Day six – Leftover salad and tuna zucchini boats.

Day seven – just leftovers. No pics.

Day eight – cheese in the bathtub.

Ps. The Bride Test is a really cute book.

Day nine – tuna salad sliders and healthy Mac and cheese. The mac and cheese recipe is from the Centr App and it was awesome.

Day ten – Salad!

Yes, those are cheese curds in the salad.

Day eleven – leftovers!

Day twelve – I went out for burger week so didn’t do any cooking.

Day thirteen – leftovers and I attempted to make cheese curd grilled cheese sliders. But that was kind of a fail.

The next day Brian came home so things went back to normal! We hit Burger Week hard which you can see in this blog. He was back for a week and I didn’t have to cook at all.

Brian just left again for a couple weeks and I’m doing the Sakara 10 Day Reset. No meat, dairy, gluten, or booze. Wish me luck!

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