Vibrant Badass At Home

I created the concept of Vibrant Badass to add adventure into my everyday life and to help others do the same. This came my love of creating lists with goals/dreams/things to do/random fun and making personal challenges. I started the Instagram account to hold myself accountable to the lists and challenges I was making for myself. These were mostly monthly challenges. Sometimes there is a theme for the month and sometimes it is just a list of random things I am wanting to do. Last year I did a full year challenge with 365 items.

Over the past few months, Vibrant Badass has felt different. It is hard to plan anything right now let alone think of the luxury of adventure when times are so crazy. I have been trying to make the most of these *unprecedented* times while staying close to home. This blog series is going to be a list of fun adventures as well as boring adulting things you can get out of the way while we are all staying in our apartments and houses a lot more of the time.

Before COVID hit, I felt busy a lot of the time and wanted to be able to slow down. One big positive of this year has been the chance to do that. Without a busy schedule, I can relax and let myself calm down. It is definitely weird because there is the overarching anxiety of what the future looks like but I try not to get overwhelmed. I allow myself days to not do anything and just chill. On the flip side, I have tried to use this time to do things that I normally would have said I was too busy to do. Thus, the creation of Vibrant Badass At Home.

There will be seven different themes comprising over 100 things to do. These themes include self, explore, organization, money, social, food + drinks, and miscellaneous. Read through the list, pick which ones want to do, and ignore the ones that don’t speak to you.

This series is meant to inspire growth and spark ideas for other fun things you want to do in your life. I’m excited to see what you think! You have the power within yourself to make every day a little more vibrant and a little more badass.

Ps. If you want a personalized Vibrant Badass list hit me up at Cheers y’all!

Pps. The artwork above was created by my friend Sam Langenfeld. How badass is she?! So talented!

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