2020 Cooking

Even before the pandemic hit, I wanted to get better at cooking in 2020. Then when everything shut down and we had to stay home more, I had no excuses. Here are some of the highlights of the year. Some of these were recipes found online and other were the brainchild of me or Brian. Brian is definitely still the better chef in the relationship but I think I have grown drastically this year. There have been ups and downs, to be sure. He is a good sport with a balance of teaching me to get better and letting me learn as I go.

Seafood – one of our favorite food groups. We love crab legs as a luxurious treat.

Panini press – we got a nice panini press this year which is great for sandwiches, wraps. sliders, quesadillas and more.

Meats/Grilling – our top food group. Brian got a grill for his birthday! We love steak, ribs, chicken wings and pretty much everything else.

Breakfast – anything with an egg is considered in the breakfast group. Eggs bennie, sandwiches, pizza, burgers, tacos, hash, and more! Lots of awesome breakfast and brunch at home this year.


Pizza – classic, meatball, steak, bbq, dips, twists. The options are endless. Sometimes we get dough from the grocery store and sometimes we use pre-made crusts. We like all the kinds of pizza.

Vegetables – greens, salads, veggie tacos, air fryer things, and raw veggies.

Drinks – cocktails and wine paired with our dishes.

Cheese – cheese boards and queso. These are just the ones I have pictures of but many more were made and consumed.

Other random food – all the dishes that didn’t really fit into a larger category but worth noting.

Cheers to all the new dishes in 2021! Happy New Year!!

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