January Foods

We eat a lot of amazing food in my house. At the end of 2020 I tried to remember all the incredible dishes and compile a list. This year I’m going to make it easier by writing monthly posts. I can’t believe we have already lived through a full month of 2021! Here were some of the highlights from our January menu.

Steak crescent loaf – the first meals of the year made with leftover steak from NYE dinner. We get crescent roll cans from Costco so usually have a couple in the fridge for fun dishes like this. Two versions of similar ideas.

Tortilla hack. I’m a fan of this viral way of using tortillas. The combination of flavors is endless! It is helpful for my diet as well because I use less cheese that I do when making quesadillas. Steak, lunchmeat, veggies, fun condiments. I’m sure I’ll be carrying this quick meal method throughout the year and will try to keep track of my favorites!

Pizza – premade crusts, dough from our local store, homemade pizza sauce (made with our new immersion blender!), a variety of toppings. Pizza is one of our favorite food groups. Best addition this month was adding fresh oregano on top of the steak pizza. The Tony is an appetizer pizza at Mafiaoza’s in Nashville (and the pizza that Brian used to propose 2 years ago!). I made a copycat version on our engagement-iversary that was impressively close.

Steak and burrata toast – Brian found this recipe on tiktok and we were so excited to make it. The rosemary bread that we got for the base was perfect. Next level was fresh heirloom tomatoes, then burrata, then steak and topped with basil. A delightful combination of flavors.

Wings – we def ate wings a few times this month but I forgot to take pictures. Brian is working on perfecting his wing recipe. I’m a terrible taste tester because I usually love every version.

Shrimp boil – we love shrimp in most forms but a good old fashioned shrimp boil is at least in the top 3. Brian is so good at cooking this at home! This boil included shrimp, andouille sausage, purple potatoes and onions. The onions were a new one this time and were actually really good!

Buffalo chicken casserole – this was a lasagna style dish with hot dog buns in place of noodles and interior layers of cheesy buffalo chicken and sautéed veggies.

Snackcuterie board for football watching – Take special note of the shape of the pigs in the blankets. The middle sauce was a brisket dip from Metcalfe’s that is probably the best premade grocery store dip I have ever tasted. Will def buy again.

Cinnamon roll waffle sundae with ice cream and cream cheese drizzle – I don’t know if Brian made this up completely in his head or saw some inspo on the internet but it was mindblowing. He took a can of cinnamon roll dough and put that in the waffle iron to cook. He then topped the waffle with decadent chocolate ice cream and then used the cream cheese frosting as the drizzle on top. I’m not usually a dessert person but I could not get enough of this. We scraped the plate clean.

Sandwiches and quesadillas – our panini press is definitely my top used kitchen appliance. Brian made the grilled cheese for me when I was having a bad day and it was the best ever. Another night we had grilled cheese and tomato soup which is one of the coziest winter meals. The veggie bagel was an everything bagel cut into 4 layers for the ability add more ingredients. I was going for the same thing on the other bagel pic but it didn’t work as well so I went to three flavor concepts.

Veggie bowl – inspired by KFC from my childhood. Mashed potatoes, corn, beans, gravy, cheese and bacon.

Wisco bach party sliders and snacks – some of my Wisconsin friends threw me a party! There were chips and queso and these really amazing sliders from Cafe Hollander’s family meal menu. Definitely recommend.

Breakfast magic – we love breakfast and brunch foods. Brian makes fun of me because I want to turn everything into breakfast by adding eggs on top. The second picture is topped with hollandaise made with our immersion blender. Can’t wait to make classic eggs benny soon because that sauce was perfect.

Cookie brownie sundae with whipped cream on top – Maybe desserts are growing on me. The base of this is a dessert dish with cookie dough on the bottom, pecans and caramel in the middle then brownie batter on top. Add some ice cream and whipped cream and you have a magical dessert. I took a long hot bath while eating this along with some cheese and crackers and wine.

Taco Bell – my favorite fast food restaurant.

To see restaurants where we ate in January – check out this post on my Rosé and Good Vibes website.

Cheers to February! The next post will be especially exciting with all the food from wedding weekend! EEEEEEE! So excited!

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