March Foods

We ate a lot of great food in the month of March. I made the list and was impressed with all that was included.

Chicken Alfredo. This was at the height of my health issues after the wedding where it was intensely painful to swallow. Chicken Alfredo sounded appetizing and I was able to get it down!

Shrimp and Grits. Brian cooked this for us for brunch one day and it was so good! His first attempt at grits last year was a bit of struggle but he has come a long way. This dish feels like we are in the south!

Lamb lollipops. One of Brian’s specialties! We found these at a really good price at Costco and couldn’t pass them up.

Cookie Brownie Pie. Layers include cookie dough, oreos, reese’s, caramel and brownie batter. Then top the pie with ice cream and whipped cream!

Egg Croissant Sandwich. We got croissant rolls from Costco so had a lot of them. This one was simple but so appetizing. Paired with some champagne.

Bartaco Margarita March Madness. This isn’t food but I tried some of the margs at Bartaco in Hilldale. The lawn area outside lets me just grab drinks and hang with Naboo instead of taking up a whole patio table where people eat.

Oatmeal. Boring but it’s fine.

Salads. Also not very exciting but a little healthy at least.

Ribs. Ribs are becoming one of my specialties. I dry rub then cook them for 24 hours in the sous vide machine. The next day I add bbq sauce and finish in the broiler. The meat falls off the bone. Huge fan.

Burger from Cafe Hollander

Carnitas. And lots of meals with the carnitas including tacos, bowl, tostadas, nachos and breakfast dishes. I made the original batch in the instant pot which was a 4 lb roast so yielded quite a few servings. Our grocery store had a mojo chili lime sauce that perfectly complimented the carnitas flavor.

Heritage Tavern brunch. We thought we might have over ordered but we did eat most of it! Def one of our favorite restaurants in Madison.

Domino’s. Our fave delivery pizza.

Reuben Sandwich on St. Patrick’s Day. Paired well with the Jameson and Guinness and car bombs.

Chicken Wings. Brian has been working on his favorite wing recipe for a while and we are definitely getting closer with these last two batches. They are cooked in the cast iron. That jar of crispy chilies crunchy bits was a wedding present from some of his regulars and bartaco and enhance the flavor tremendously. The truffle oil helps in that arena as well.

Steak sandwich and cheese curds from Bonfyre. I met up with a friend and we neither of us had been to this place before. We enjoyed it.

Cast Iron Pizza. This was inspired by a tik tok recipe that Brian found. He likes to send me fun videos that are relatively easy to execute which I appreciate. I made a video of me making this pizza that you can see on my Instagram. Super easy. It was pretty heavy so more of a fork and knife type pizza than a handheld pizza but the flavor was amazing.

Baked Spaghetti. This was the first dish Brian ever made for me when we first started dating. I finally returned the favor five years later.

Bassett Street Brunch Club brunch

Roast beef sandwich

Stuffed crescent rolls

Sushi from Metcalfe’s

Hot Beef Sandwiches

Hot Beef Quesadilla

Burrito – O’Hare Airport

Last minute trip to Nashville – late night Taco Bell when I landed. The Quesalupa is delicious.

Bartaco. It had been a hot minute since I ate bartaco food because Brian’s store has been so busy. Then he doesn’t want to go there on his days off which is understandable. I got my staples – duck quesadilla, oyster taco, pork belly taco and carne asada taco. Tasty and perfect as always.

Red Headed Stranger – burger and tacos and queso. This burger is probably one of the best in Nashville. And the queso! They serve with warm tortillas instead of chips. This restaurant opened after I left Nashville so I was stoked to get some takeout.

Marsh House. I got the seafood tower with oysters, muscles, smoked trout dip and shrimp. Of course, I paired it with rosé. My friends both got the hangar steak and we all enjoyed it. One of my most missed spots in Nash. Then after dinner, Carly and I did chambongs, because we are classy.

Bojangles. We were going to do a fancy brunch but then the storm kept us up half the night. Since we were sleepy and wanted a more chill option we picked up Starbucks and Bojangles.

Blanco Cocina + Cantina. A new restaurant in the recently opened 5th + Broadway complex. There margarita options are FUN! I was going to get the Cadillac which is my usual go to a Mexican/Tex-Mex places but my friend pointed out that the skinny margarita had rosado tequila and rose petals so I was sold. We also got queso and nachos which I was too stoked about to get good photos which says a lot.

Hattie B’s. When Brian encouraged me to take a last minute trip to Nashville, his only request was that I bring home Hattie B’s for him. Luckily there was a new one at 5th + Broadway so we got that before ubering home on Monday night. Brian was a very happy husband when I flew home with his hot chicken.

Hot Chicken Pizza. The next night I made a delightful hot chicken pizza with the Hattie B’s leftovers.

Cheers to all the delicious food in March! Brian’s schedule has him working most weekends so I’m trying to take advantage of the time by cooking a lot of fun recipes without worrying about how long it takes. Let me know if you have any suggestions for what I should cook!

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