Vibrant Badass Weekend – mid March

For the first time since the wedding, I made a weekend list Vibrant Badass style. I started with a main list and kept adding to it throughout the weekend. It felt very satisfying to see how much I accomplished in a few days.

Cast Iron Pizza – Tiktok

Naboo long walks x3. My little puppy has lots of energy so I took her on some extra long walks around the neighborhood.

Take out recycling. We get lazy with this so it piles up. I have to give myself the task so it gets done.

All the laundry. I hate laundry. Sometimes I do a load or two at a time but about once a month I get motivated and try to get alllll of it done. Washed, dried and put up so there is literally no dirty laundry in the house besides what we are wearing.

2021 big goals. This is my list! Some of them have already happened like the weddings and the bed upgrade!

Outside bartaco hangs #bartacomargaritamarch

Hang mirror. We decided to use this mirror as coffee table decor instead so I didn’t have to hang it!

Shop Duluth clearance – excited for some end of season items that were on sale!

The Maine livestream Saturday night. It was so great to see some live music and I felt so nostalgic for concerts. The Maine is one of my favorite bands that I have seen at least a dozen times over the years. So stoked for their new single and upcoming album.

Declog bathroom sink drain. Not a fun task but so satisfying to complete. It was grossly clogged and not draining well at all and now it is back to normal.

Big shorewood walk with Katie. We are neighbors in our apartment building and love taking walks by the lakefront and golf course with the Beautiful’s houses. I’m loving the Spring weather after the long winter.

Donate to Little Free Libraries. I shared some books I loved with my neighbors.

Baked spaghetti. Fun fact – this was the first dish Brian cooked for me when we started dated 5 years ago. It was great and we ate it all week and froze a couple servings when we got a bit too tired of eating the same thing. Massive recipe but so delicious.

April VB personal challenge. At the beginning of 2021 I was wedding planning then I was resting after we got back home. This is my first monthly challenge of the year and I’m stoked for the new format!

Draft DJ’s VB challenge

Draft wedding blog posts. Our wedding pictures will come back to us any day now. I have a couple blogs started with the different parts of the weekend like bridal brunch, rehearsal, ceremony and reception. It was the most magical weekend so I want to write it down to remember as much as possible! Stay tuned for more on this!

Empty clean dishwasher and clean dirty dishes. Another boring house chore that is boring but feels so nice to have completed.

Read book club book. It was Going Clear about Scientology. I did read it a bit but ended up stopping 90 pages in and watching the documentary. Wild stuff.

Taxes. We did Brian’s and my taxes and got money back. Adulting at its finest.

Call grandma. I chatted with my sweet gma while on a big neighborhood walk.

Fun 2021 playlist. I love finding new music so I’m actively

Playlist link here.

Get a manicure.

Fancy coffee drink. I stopped by a local coffee shop called Ancora and got a Rose cardamom zombie. It was exactly the type of coffee shop drink I love.

Buy some rosé.

Order meat stick. This was a wedding present that was on our registry. Brian is stoked to start cooking with it!

5-4-3-2-1 Vibrant Badass Adventure Challenge. I’m really excited about this one. It is part of my April monthly challenge. It’s a fun way to infuse some new adventure in your life.

Cheers to a great weekend and more vibrant badassness in the future.

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