April Foods

In April, I started learning how to use the Dutch oven. I made lots of sandwiches. Here are the highlights of the foods from the month.

Hot chicken tacos – made with the Hattie B’s I brought back from Nashville!

Sandwiches – classic lunch meat, shrimp, smoked salmon, corned beef and brisket.

Paella – my first recipe in the Dutch oven.

BBQ night. Brisket in the Dutch oven. 5 cheese Mac and cheese. Deviled eggs. Baked beans.

Pizza. Costco, delivery and lots of homemade.

Quesadillas – the panini press is a gem to make these so easily.

Restaurants. A detailed list of the restaurants is on my Rosé and Good Vibes blog here.

Other random foods. Breakfast casserole, Chinese takeout, enchiladas, chips/salsa/queso, sushi, wings, steak, tamales, Taco Bell and crescent rolls.

Cheers to more good food coming up in May.

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