Sausage Pizza Subs – Gibson Newlyweds Cooking Series

Brian and I have gotten a lot of fun kitchen presents from our wedding registry. Thanks to everyone who helped us build our kitchen. As you probably know if you know us, we love good food. We have started trying new dishes a lot and I am going to try to track some of the fun ones we make. Since I’m still learning how to cook well, I’ll tell you about the lessons I learn in the process.

On the weekends, I usually cook by myself and we eat when Brian comes home after work. On weeknights especially on Brian’s days off, we have started cooking together. We take turns taking the lead on cooking, although babe is usually the one in charge and I play sous chef. More posts like this coming soon. Most of our cooking inspiration comes from TikTok or Pinterest.

Our first recipe in this series is a sausage pizza sub! Brian found a video on TikTok that was for a cheese stuffed sausage dish. We then took it to another level with garlic bread style hoagie buns. This one was mostly Brian so most the times I say “we” it was actually him.

We started with some jalapeño cheddar sausages and drunken goat cheese from our local grocery store Metcalfe’s. We split open the sausages and put the drunken goat inside. We put the sausages in cast iron skillet and covered them with marinara sauce then added Italian seasoning and garlic powder. Next up, we put butter and garlic on the inside of hoagie buns and covered them in aluminum foil. We baked the whole cast iron dish and the buns at 400 for about 25-30 minutes.

Next up we combined the two into a casserole dish topped with mozzarella cheese and baked a little longer. Around 7 minutes more.

Then we ate the masterpieces on the patio. We paired the sausage pizza subs with some caesar salad. Cheers to patio season and all the summer dishes we are going to make.

It was a pretty easy and inexpensive meal that was super delicious. We still have two subs as leftovers. Will def make this one again and play around with different types of sausage/cheese combinations.

Let us know if you have any cooking or recipe suggestions! We have a cast iron skillet, a dutch oven, sous vide, Instant Pot, immersion blender, panini press and air fryer/toaster oven combination.

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