Gibsons Newlywed Cooking

Here are some of the highlight meals of our first six months of marriage. Brian and I both love cooking. He has had more experience and it comes naturally to him whereas I’m very much still learning. We take turns cooking and also cook together. With Brian’s schedule, we sometimes eat super late, especially the nights where we don’t even start cooking until he is done with work. We have a lot of favorite foods that we keep in regular rotation. For newness, we usually get inspiration from Tiktok tutorials.

Pizzas – I have a feeling this will stay one of our top food groups throughout our marriage. We love making pizzas at home. We also order in sometimes. When we cook our own pizzas, we either use dough from our local grocery store or start with a Costco frozen cheese pizza and add on the toppings that we want. We def ate more pizzas than these photos but these ones were especially delicious.

Seafood – Shrimp and crab are our favorites! Brian learned how to make shrimp and grits last year so that has become a staple as a savory breakfast dish. We had some smoked salmon that Brian turned into a BLT that was incredible. And we love classic crab legs dipped in melted butter.

Breakfast items – While we LOVE going out for brunch, we also enjoy cooking breakfast and brunch dishes at home. This has especially become more common if I am working from home on a day that Brian is off.

Mexican food – This is mostly tacos and nachos. Carnitas taco night, gringo style mini tacos, chimichurri steak nachos and steak fajita nachos.

Meats – ribs, lambs, steaks, oh my.

Chicken wings – This is one of our costco buys that we always have ready in the freezer.

Sandwiches – We make a lot of sandwiches but most of them don’t get photographed. These were some of the more unique ones.

And that was all in the first six months of marriage! Can’t wait to see what else we find to make. If you have any suggestions or recipes to try, we would love to have them!

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