Grilled Cheese Night

Tonight we did 4 different types of grilled cheeses. They included Deer Creek The Rattlesnake, Jarlsberg Lite, Le Gruyere and classic American.

First of all, we started with Pepperidge Farm Very Thin white bread which is a grilled cheese game changer! Brian told me to get this and I had never heard of it. He absolutely killed the grilled cheese game tonight and I loved every bit.

For soups, I mixed the Campbell’s Tomato soup and Tomato bisque then added a bunch of seasonings like Italian, parsley, oregano, etc. Ooh and a little bit of Cholula for some extra spice.

The Rattlesnake was in the orphaned cheese basked at Metcalfe’s and Brian picked it up randomly. It had a terrific kick that we were obsessed with. I looked it up and it is locally made in Sheboygan, Wisconsin with tequila and habenero pepper. Now I know why we liked it so much! For more tasting notes on this – see this website. Definitely pick this up if you see it around! Spicy, sweet, tropical and HOT!

Jarlsberg Lite is a mild, semi-soft cheese in the Swiss family that comes from Norway. It has unique and irregular “eyes” like other cheeses in the Swiss style. The flavor profile is butter, mild and nutty. It is a nice light grilled cheese option.

Le Greyere is a cheese that is from Switzerland and has been a family recipe for over 900 years. It is an unpasteurized, creamy, semi-soft cheese with complex flavors that are both fruity and nutty. This one packs more flavor than the Jarlsberg and was also a perfect companion to dip in tomato soup.

It couldn’t have been a classic grilled cheese and tomato soup night without the classic American cheese. We shared one for dipping then were both still hungry so Brian made two more. When the last two were made, Brian did the genius grilled cheese hack of chopping the sammie into pieces like croutons and throwing in the soup. This helps you get a better grilled cheese/soup ratio!

It’s going to be a long cold winter so I plan to keep the pantry stocked with grilled cheese supplies. Let me know what other grilled cheese types I need to try!

2 thoughts on “Grilled Cheese Night

  1. I like the recipes and mixing canned soup makes it quick and easy. I would have to go light on the spices. Do you like Wisconsin?



    1. Thank you!! The spices I used were along the lines of Italian, oregano, parsley, etc. I just went through the cabinet and added what sounded good. Wisconsin has been really fun so far! Definitely an adjustment from Tennessee.


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