I always get nostalgic around my birthday reflecting about the last year of my life. This year has definitely shown up more than I even could have imagined. Here are some of the highlights of my 27th year of life in a kind of random order. What a year.

Brian and I got engaged!

I coordinated record breaking reservations at 5th & Taylor for NYE and Valentine’s Day weekend.

I started a new job. Twice. Tractor Suppy in February and Duluth Trading Co. in September.

We moved across the country to Madison, Wisconsin when Brian got promoted to be the new GM at bartaco Hilldale.

I saw my brother’s composition premier at Carnegie Hall with so many friends and family.

Brian and I went on a rose cruise – La Nuit en Rose.

We saw some of our best friends get married in Charlotte! Congrats to Amber and Zach.

Lots of Vibrant Badass challenges like running a 5k!

We went to the NFL draft.

We ate and drank at over 300 places.

I ate oysters at over 10 places.

I ate Eggs Benedict at 13 places.

We drank the punch bowl at Wando’s.

Hosted book clubs and fostered the growth of the Nashville Girls Book Club.

Attended Monster Jam!

I started the year wanting to lose 10 lbs but I gained 14 and then lost 9.

I walked 60 miles in the month of November.

12 Pilates Classes

13 Hot Yoga Classes

Puppy yoga, brewery yoga, greenhouse yoga.

Bumble sent us flowers to congratulate us on our engagement.

So many cuddle puddles.

We bought a new couch and became Costco members where we bought a new tv.

We ate a full fried chicken and drank a magnum of champagne at Marsh House.

Drank Veuve Clicquot to celebrate exciting things.

Ate so much pizza and tacos.

My first beer shotgun.

Did the super swanky tasting menu at Henley called The Rabbit Hole.

I brunched so hard.

I ate a large variety of burgers during Burger Week and hot chicken during Hot Chicken Week.

I brought Brian home to Texas for the first time.

I played with a lot of puppies.

We saw Freethrow a few times and hosted them when they were in Madison.

I hung out with my brother in Massachusetts.

I hung out with my best friend in LA.

I took a gun safety class with Carly.

OMG I found my wedding dress! After shopping in New York and Los Angeles, I found mine in Angleton, Texas!

What a year! This isn’t even all of it but a good amount of the adventures. 27 has been one for the books. Cheers to all that 28 has to offer. Wish me luck in the Wisconsin winter that will be the beginning of this new year of life.

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