Vibrant Badass Update – April

Wow! 2020 has been a wild ride. We are only three and a half months in but it has felt like years. There is a pandemic that has affected the whole world. Some of us are working from home, some of us have lost our jobs, all of us are unsure of what the future holds. Every year I come up with some goals for the year and throughout the year. I wanted to update myself on these goals and thought I would share as well.


The theme for January was CLEANSE. It was a lot of health focused goals to get the year jumpstarted on a positive note. Overall it went pretty well.

I also made a Vibrant Challenge for my fiancé. He was ish into it and did about half of the things.


The theme for February was LOVE. Our dating anniversary is on Valentine’s Day (technically our second date but easier for Brian to remember). We went to a nice dinner to celebrate! The restaurant is called Smoky’s and we were treated to free dessert. We also booked our venue for our wedding next year and picked our date which was a huge step in wedding planning.

Winter Vibrant Badass Things

Good thing I didn’t get around to planning the logistics like booking hotels for Barcelona, France and Italy. Little did I know that my trip would be cancelled soon.


The theme for March was MINIMIZE. I wrote a separate blog post for this.


The theme for April is EXPLORE.

I originally picked that theme because I was supposed to be going to Europe in two weeks. My ideas included travel internationally, drink Spanish wine in Spain and drink Italian wine in Italy. Obviously I had to pivot from that plan.

My exploration this month will be much closer to home than I had planned. I have picked ten categories with three items each for a total of 30 goals.

Movement Food Tutorials Books Social Planning Wine Self-care Puppy Prep Community

Here is the full list:

Life in Coronavirus times. I have started to make some specific Vibrant Badass lists related to being Safer At Home and Social Distancing. Who knows how long this will all last. Before being forces to stay at home, I often found myself very busy and over scheduled. One positive of this time is the expansive opportunity for self-care. It is all very unsure but I’m hoping we all come out with more compassion for others, gratitude for the things we do have and better routines for taking care of ourselves.

Will keep you updated on the Social Distancing and BINGO progress over the next couple of weeks.

CRAZY TIMES. I know that I am good at making the best of any situation and that is my plan for the future.

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