Vibrant Badass At Home – Explore

Here you will find goals related to expanding your horizons while staying close to home. 

Go on a walk around your neighborhood. See parts of your town that you have never seen before. Leave the house with no destination in mind or play the coin game where you flip at intersections to decide if you want to go left or right. 

Brian walking on a golf course near our house.

Find a park near you. Whether you have been where you live for a long time or have moved recently, there are always fun hidden gems around you that you can find. Go down a street you have never seen before or look up a cool lake/river/beach if those are near you. 

Watch the sunrise. Find a great spot, set a blanket and relax while seeing the sun come up in the morning. Bring your morning coffee with you and just be. 

Watch the sunset. Same steps as the sunrise but facing west this time and maybe a glass of wine instead of coffee. 

Book a trip for the future. Set some Google flight alerts for cities you want to visit and then book it when it is at a good rate. Think of fun weekend trips you want to take and places you have never been. Daydream about traveling again.

Take an online class. Think of something in which you are interested or want to know more about and find a class related to it. Start with the millions of videos on Youtube. There are tons of resources available from colleges and specialized companies. Masterclass is a fun way to jump into a lot of different subjects at once like business, fashion, cooking, writing and sports. 

Play on Google Earth. Look at places all over the world that you hope to visit one day in the future. Check out some beaches in the Caribbean, waterfalls in Iceland and fjords in Norway. 

Destin, Florida!

Try meditating. Sit still and connect with your breath. You can use an app or listen to something from Youtube. Let your thoughts slow down and just be. 

Visit a museum virtually. Google Arts and Culture allows you to see art from all over the world with 360 views, videos and photos. There is so much to see that you could go down rabbit holes for hours. Learn what your favorite art style is by looking at different eras in art history. 

Learn more about your city and state. Research the history of how it started and major events that happened there. Look up your local politicians and where they stand on causes that you support. Find out what exists in your area that is unique. Share your newfound knowledge with friends that will appreciate the fun facts. 

Support small businesses. Bonus points if it is local to you. Shop online from boutiques with fun products. Find a local maker and commission a piece from them. Every time you shop small, you are supporting a dream. If you have a friend trying to start a side hustle, be one of their first customers! If there is a Farmer’s Market by you, shop from local vendors to get some of your food.

$20 for all these veggies!

Watch a new movie from every decade. Start with the 1950’s or 1960’s and move to more modern times. There are hidden gems to be found in our film history. You can look up the top movies from the decade or just go in blind and pick randomly. Ask for suggestions from your parents or older friends on movies that they loved growing up. 

Read an inspiring person’s memoir. Think about people who are doing things that you are passionate about and read their stories. Take lessons from their past on what you can add into your future. 

Look at the stars. Remember that there is so much out there. Everything in your life is small in the scheme of the universe, in a good way. 

Look through old pictures. You can look on your phone or social media or in that old box of printed ones you have in your closet. Relive memories from the past and be thankful for those people and moments.

Watch a virtual concert. Some bands are getting innovative with new content and doing virtual shows since they can’t tour. If your fave bands aren’t doing that you can watch old concert videos on YouTube.

Pick your favorite color. Go to the Pantone website and pick from the hundreds of options. Buy something in that color.

Watch a youtube tutorial. Pick a topic you want to understand and learn something new.

What are other things you do to explore the world around you?

This is Day 3 of the Vibrant Badass At Home Series. Day 1 was Food+Drink. Day 2 was Self. Four more days coming up with new topics. Cheers.

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