Vibrant Badass At Home – Social

These goals are all about staying connected with people around you while social distancing. 2020 has been such a weird year. 

Send 5 cards in the mail. Everyone loves snail mail. Becoming pen pals is also a cheaper way to get more mail in your mailbox than excessively online shopping. You can buy some fun cards or just send old school letters on regular paper.

Send someone a surprise present. If you find something that you know your friend will like, go ahead and send it to them instead of waiting for their birthday or Christmas. Random presents that you send just because are the best. 

Plan a virtual happy hour. See your friends on your phone or computer screen and talk about life like you normally would in person. Even though there are usually specials on drinks during happy hour times, it is still generally cheaper to drink at home. You save money but still get to hang with friends!

Happy hour with my coworkers!

FaceTime someone you haven’t talked to in a while. Or just FaceTime your closest friends that you can’t see right now. Technology is such a blessing. Remember when you had to pay a lot of money for long distance calls? No more. We can see our loved ones’ faces on a screen for free. You can see them smile and laugh. 

Play some virtual games. Jackbox is a great one for this! You can share a screen on google hangouts and watch on your laptop then you play the game on your phones. You can play this with friends in the same room as well as streaming with friends in another place (the socially distant way). You can also play Facebook game like Words With Friends or Golf Battle. 

Jackbox tshirt creation game.

Join a Facebook group. Find something interesting and connect with other people who have that thing in common. You can search for things you like and find so many options of groups. I am in a few wedding planning groups as well as the Centr app fitness community. 

Do a social fitness challenge. You could do a workout program or a specific exercise challenge like squats, planks or pushups. Team up with a friend or group of friends and hold each other accountable. Text your friends everyday when you finish the activity. 

30 Day Squat and Plank Challenge.

Celebrate a virtual birthday. Call/text/FaceTime your friends on their birthday. Let them know they are loved and that you are glad they are alive. It’s definitely a weird time for birthdays when we can’t throw parties like we normally would. Go out of your way to help your friends feel special.

Read a book with a friend. Pick a book and then schedule a Facetime date to chat about it.

Print out a picture book. There are a lot of website options for this. Pick one and throw in a lot of pictures with fun memories. Go through your phone and social media to choose pictures from really fun times in the past that you want to remember.

Support a friend’s passion. You probably have a handful or more of friends who are launching or growing side hustles to make extra money or are trying to make up for the money they aren’t making since Covid hit. Some of your friends are selling homemade goods or band merch that they would normally be selling on tour. My friend has started cross-stitching more in quarantine and has started to sell some of her work. I also bought sweatpants and a sweatshirt from my friend’s band Freethrow. I got that outfit in June and am sad I didn’t have the comfy clothes back in March!

Go golfing or frisbee golfing. These are great outdoor hobbies. You can play both games by yourself or with friends. Brian hadn’t played frisbee golf in years but he picked it back up and has been having so much fun. He gets lots of steps in and vitamin D. I also learned how to golf earlier this year and played with Brian for the first time on his birthday in May. We have played a handful of times and have had a blast. I’m definitely still a beginner but it has been great to be able to share the game that he has loved his whole life.

Brian throwing his frisbee from out of the woods.

Social distant picnic. You can bring your own food or get takeout from a fun restaurant. The weather is so nice and hot this summer. It’s much easier to stay safe and not spread germs if you are outside in the open air. Remember to bring hand sanitizer.

Binge watch a show together. Text each other with reactions to things as they are happening. It might work better if you watch a show after your friend has already seen it so you don’t spoil anything.

Virtual book club. I was in a few book clubs back in Nashville but obviously haven’t been able to attend since I moved. They went virtual after we went into lockdown so I could join in on the fun! It was so awesome to see old friends that I at least saw once a month, especially my book club that was all retired people except for me.

Nashville girls books club zoom meeting.
My mystery book club zoom meeting.

Find a workout accountability partner. Text each other sweaty selfies when you finish your workouts. Cheer each other on as you work towards your separate fitness goals!

Call friends on walks. Take long walks around your neighborhood and call to catch up with your loved ones. It is more entertaining and fun than just listening to music.

What are other social things you have been doing to stay in touch with family and friends when we can’t see each other as often in person?! It is a definitely weird time in life. Make sure you are taking steps to stay connected so you don’t feel lonely. We are all in this together.

This is day 6 of Vibrant Badass At Home. Only one more to go! The first five days included Food+Drinks, Self, Explore, Money, and Organization.

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