Vibrant Badass At Home – Miscellaneous

Here are some more challenges that are a bit random and don’t fit into a larger theme.

Imagine the best, most vibrant life you could have. Think about what is different between that life and the one you are currently living. Take baby steps to close that gap. Imagine were you want to be in 5-10 year or 20 years and contemplate what kind of choices you make today that will affect your path towards the future.

Niksen. The art of doing nothing. I saw this word as a future trend for the next few years and got obsessed. In a world of constantly doing, this is the counter action of that. Quarantine times have definitely helped me get more comfortable with this concept.

Practice the Hygge lifestyle. This is all about making your space cozy. Cuddle up with a blanket on the couch. Light a candle. Leave your phone in a separate room for a few hours. Read a book on your patio. Anything that feels cozy to you!

Pay it forward. Do something nice for someone else with no expectation for anything in return. This can be at a fast food place or coffee shop or you could just send an anonymous present to someone. 

Forgive someone. We all have terrible moments from our past that replay in our heads at inconvenient times. Most of these are connected to other people and how they acted or what they said. Let that sh*t go. That other person probably doesn’t even remember it at all. This is all about clearing your headspace and reframing that memory. You are a better, stronger person today and everything in your life brought you here. Be thankful but do not dwell. I come from a family of Irish grudgeholders and have made a conscious effort to build a contrasting mindset. It is really hard to forget about some things in life but do you best to move on from past incidences and think about the future.

Less screen time, more real life. This is harder than ever when we have to use technology for social connection. Don’t forget to put down the phone and get some air. Read a book or play a board game. Our eyes could all use a little break from the constant blue light. Maybe even take a social media break.

Register to vote. Sign up for a mail in voting ballot if you don’t feel comfortable going to the polls on election day but make sure you voice is heard.

Research your candidates. Make sure you know who you are voting for and what they believe. Think about the priority of your values and vote with your heart.

Take a nap. A lot of us have been struggling with stress based insomnia and haven’t been sleeping as well as normal. Let yourself take a nap if you feel sleepy during the day.

Full family naptime.

Take a break from social media. Give yourself a set amount of time and stop looking at your apps. You can even do a partial break where you still check it but don’t post anything. I took a break in June from posting on any of my accounts because I wanted stop checking everything so often. There is a lot of noise on Instagram and Facebook and it is hard to silence it.

Get your steps in. Move your body. I recently got a fitbit and have been trying to hit my 10,000 steps in every day. It is not that easy, especially staying at home. I have done thousands of laps around my kitchen island. It does feel really good for my body to be in motion which is in contrast to the hours and hours I spend on the couch.

My best day since getting my Fitbit!

Get inspired. Write down your goals and put them around the house. Put up positive quotes on your mirror to see when you brush your teeth. Always push yourself to grow in all aspects of your life.

Make your own Vibrant Badass list. If you want assistance with this, I can definitely help you!

This is the last day of the Vibrant Badass At Home series! The first six days included Food+Drinks, Self, Explore, Money, Organization, and Social. I hope this has been helpful to inspire you to make the best of this extra time spent at home. Let me know what you think! Hit me up if you are interested in a customized personal Vibrant Badass challenge.

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