10 Day Reset

I decided to do a cleanse while Brian is traveling for work. The Sakura 10-day detox includes Detox Tea, Beauty Water Drops, Detox Water Drops, Daily Probiotics, Sakara Life Super Powder, Energy Bars and Detox Bars. There were supplements to take daily but the main difficulty for me was the plant based meals. Only plant based food. No dairy (cheese!), meat or alcohol. This is very different from my normal eating habits but I was up for the challenge!

The full detox package.
Average day – this is from the Sakara website.
I wrote down all the steps for each day and highlighted as I went. I ended up drinking detox tea mostly once a day instead of twice and generally only three meals instead of two.

Day 1

Not pictured – green smoothie with the Super Powder for breakfast.

Lunch – wedge salad

Dinner – vegetable tacos

Day 2

Farmer’s Market Haul – I went to my local Farmer’s Market to stock up on veggies for the week. I got some cucumbers, zucchini, eggplant, broccoli, cauliflower, garlic, kale and lettuce.

Lunch – another wedge salad.

Dinner – eggplant, tomato and zucchini bake with watermelon cucumber juice.

Detox tea

Day 3

Lunch – Air fried everything

Buffalo cauliflower, radish chips, zucchini chips, and kale chips.

Dinner – Veggie tacos

The corn tortillas were a lifesaver to keep things interesting while staying vegetarian.

Day 4

Dinner – I made a big salad and rushed to a zoom book club so I forgot to take a pic. It was nice and tasty though.

Day 5

Breakfast – avocado and tomato tostadas.

Lunch – nice big salad.

Dinner – buffalo cauliflower.

Day 6

Cucumber Green Apple Detox Salad. This is one of the recipes provided with the cleanse. I successfully used the mandolin slicer for the first time since cutting off a piece of my pinky back in March.

Dinner – kale detox salad. Another recipe from the Sakara cleanse book.

Day 7

Snack – Air fryer chickpeas

Lunch – Air frier roasted broccoli

Dinner – veggie tostada

Day 8

Lunch – veggies and rice.

Dinner – shishito peppers and zucchini chips

These did get burned a little bit.

Day 9

I went to brunch on this day and got a little flexible with the rules. My meal was veggie tacos that did include a little bit of cheese and were served on flour tortillas. I also had a bloody mary.

Dinner – veggies and rice.

Day 10

Lunch – buffalo cauliflower and cucumber with ranch.

Snack – heirloom tomato salad.

Dinner- veggie tacos with rice

I did it! Only a couple exceptions to the rule but stuck with the cleanse for the most part. I checked the scale the following day and was the lowest I have been in years. It was very exciting! Now my goal is to maintain and keep toning up more.

I’m definitely not going full vegetarian but I am doing more vegetarian days and making a point to add vegetables to my meals with meat.

10/10 recommend the 10 Day Reset from Sakara!

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