February Foods

Here are some of the foods from the month of February. We stayed home leading up to the wedding to be extra cautious so cooked a lot. Then we had the absolute best food at our wedding.

We kicked off the month with meatloaf Monday.

Greens and veggies

Lamb lollipops and alligator nuggets. Lamb is one of Brian’s signature dishes and the alligator was a special treat!

My fave chef.

Surf n turf. Heavy on the surf. There was also a lobster tail that we ate too quickly so no picture was taken.

Grandma’s Pie

BLT Roll

Ribs! X2. The first night was all in the oven then the second night was sous vide for 24 hours before finishing in the oven. The immersion blender picture is pineapple salsa turned from chunky to smooth with our magic new kitchen tool.

Crumbl cookies

Random pantry assortment. A pasta dish, meatloaf pastry shells and caesar salad.


My virtual bachelorette party. I had a snack plate and champagne!

Magic cinnamon roll dessert.

Vday pizza.

Buffalo wild wings takeout the night before we left for Florida.

Vodka oj on our upgraded first class flight!

Bojangles in Charlotte!

Bridal brunch Friday morning

Rehearsal dinner low country boil

Wedding day food! We had a raw bar with oysters, shrimp and crab. A brisket taco station with mac and cheese. Cheese and meat apps. And a tenderloin station. The best wedding food ever. I wish I had better pictures but I enjoyed it too much to take any. I only wish I ate more.

Breakfast at the Donut Hole.

Cantina Laredo in the DFW airport.

Chinese takeout

Steak and eggs

Ice cream

Focaccia cheese sticks

What a month of incredible food. I will never forget the amazing flavors from wedding weekend. Cheers!

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